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Eritrean Literature

This is not meant to be an exhaustive list of Eritrean Literature. It is only meant to be a list of Eritrean Literature that I have in my possession. Please inform me if any links are not working.

Sulaiman Addonia

The Consequences of Love (Novel) Reading Guide available online

Taught to hate: observations on madrasas (Article available online)

Video Interview available online

Interview (2009) available online

The Consequences of Love Website

Astier M. Almedom

Re-reading the Short and Long-Rigged History of Eritrea 1941–1952: Back to the Future? (Essay available online)

Interview (2009) available online

Assefaw Bariagaber

Eritrea: Challenges and Crises of a New State (Report available online)

Eritrea: Conflict and Involuntary Population Displacements (Report available online)

Interview (2010) available online

Uoldelul Chelati Dirar

From Warriors to Urban Dwellers: Ascari and the Military Factor in the Urban Development of Colonial Eritrea (Historical Essay available online)

Tekie Fessehatzion

Shattered Illusion, Broken Promise: Essays on the Eritrea-Ethiopia Conflict 1998-2000 (Essays)

Website of the Tekie Foundation

Reesom Haile

Five Poems available online

Four Poems available online

More Poems available online

More Poems available online at Per Contra

Interview (2004) available online

Profile available online

Reesom Haile: Prophet of the Global Age by Karl Young (essay available online)

Reesom Haile’s Poetry by Charles Cantalupo (article available online)

Reesom Haile Home Page

Saba Kidane

Your Father (Poem available online)

War and a Woman (Poem available online)

Profile in the New York Times online

Articles about Kidane available online

Ghirmai Negash

Globalization and the Role of African Languages for Development (Essay available online)

Tsenay Serequeberhan

Our Heritage: The Past in the Present of African American and African Experience (Philosophy)

Hermenutics of African Philosphy: Horizon and Discourse (Philosophy)

The African Anti-Colonial Struggle: an effort at reclaiming history (Essay available online)

Ribka Sibhatu

Abeba (Poem available online)

Several Poems available online

Living in Translation, Thinking with an Accent by Graziella Parati (essay available online)

Abeba Tesfagiorgis

A Painful Season and A Stubborn Hope: The Odyssey of an Eritrean Mother (Memoir)

Alemseged Tesfai

Two Weeks in the Trenches: Reminiscences of Childhood and War in Eritrea (Memoir)

The Other War (Play)

The Cause of the Eritrean-Ethiopian Border Conflict (Article available online)

Description of one of Tesfai’s historical texts

Past the Kalashnikov: Youth, Politics and the State in Eritrea by S. Dorman (academic essay available online)

A New Great Wall: Why The Crisis in Translation Matters by E. Grossman (article available online)

Ghirmai Yohannes

Unjust Praise (Poem available online)

Like a Sheep (Poem available online)

Who Needs A Story (Poem available online, with the original Tigrinya text)

Interview (2002) available online

Website dedicated to Eritrean Poetry

Website for Eritrean Print and Oral Culture

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