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African Journals Links

These sites are of interest. The Woyingi Blogger does not endorse the content of these sites. Please inform me if any of the links do not work.

African Journals

African Studies Quarterly: An Online Journal for African Studies

Nordic Journal of African Studies

Journal of African Philosophy: Journal on African Philosophy is an electronic journal sponsored by the International Society for African Philosophy and Studies (ISAPS) and published by Africa Resource Center, Inc.

Quest: An African Journal of Philosophy intends to act as a channel of expression for thinkers in Africa, and to stimulate philosophical discussion on problems that arise out of the radical transformations Africa and Africans are undergoing.

African Renewal Magazine: Africa Renewal information programme, produced by the Africa Section of the United Nations Department of Public Information, provides up-to-date information and analysis of the major economic and development challenges facing Africa today.

Journal of Pan African Studies

Journal of Language and Popular Culture in Africa

Sudanic Africa: A Journal of Historical Sources

Afroeuropa: Journal of Afro-European Studies

Ìrìnkèrindò: a Journal of African Migration is a peer-reviewed journal devoted to the study of African migration and immigration to other parts of the world

Michigan State University Archive of African Journals: To expand free, online access to journals published in Africa, the African e-Journals Project has digitized full text of articles of eleven social science and humanities journals and made them available on this web site.

Tydskrif vir letterkunde is an independent refereed journal, accredited by the South African Department of Education. The journal collects articles on theoretical, applied or comparative aspects of African literatures and cultural practices.

The African Journal of Legal Studies (“AJLS”). AJLS, which is indexed in CIAO, HeinOnline, Lexis-Nexis, ProQuest, Westlaw and Quicklaw, is a fully recognized peer-reviewed academic journal focusing on human rights and rule of law issues in Africa as analyzed by lawyers, economists, political scientists and others drawn from throughout the continent and the world. Published by The Africa Law Institute biannually (Spring and Fall), AJLS aims to serve as an interdisciplinary forum for the thoughtful and scholarly engagement of a broad range of complex issues at the intersection of law, public policy and social change in Africa.

Kyoto University Center for African Area Studies Monographs

Journal of Sustainable Development in Africa (JSDA) is the official journal for sustainable development in Africa. In July of 2008, the Journal of Sustainable Development in Africa was moved to Clarion University of Pennsylvania, where the editor-in-chief is the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Childhood in Africa: An Interdisciplinary Journal

Impumelelo: The Interdisciplinary Electronic Journal of African Sports

Africa Spectrum: Journal of the German Institute of Global and Area Studies, Institute of African Affairs

Vienna Journal of African Studies: Articles available in German, French, and English

Africa Research International Journal of African Literature and Culture

African Nebula is the official peer-reviewed journal of the College of Humanities and Culture, Osun State University, Osogbo, Nigeria. The journal is published twice a year in both paper and online formats.

ACCORD: African Journal on Conflict Resolution

The purpose of the Journal of West African Languages is to publish articles of good quality and interest in all aspects of language and linguistics that are relevant to the area of West Africa, which may be defined as Sub-Saharan Africa, extending into Central Africa.

West Africa Review: A Peer-Reviewed Online Journal

Africa Spectrum is the leading German academic journal exclusively devoted to this continent. Africa Spectrum was first published in 1966 by the GIGA Institute of African Affairs (IAA) in Hamburg. It is an inter-disciplinary journal dedicated to scientific exchange between the continents. The journal focuses on socially relevant issues related to political, economic and socio-cultural problems and events in Africa as well as on Africa’s role within the international system. For more than four decades Africa Spectrum has regularly provided – three times per year – profound analyses of current issues in political, social and economic life; culture; and development in sub-Saharan Africa

Africana: Journal of Ideas on Africa and the African Diaspora

African Journal of Political Science and International Relations is an open access journal that publishes rigorous theoretical reasoning and advanced empirical research in all areas of the subjects.

Cahiers d’Études africaines publient des numéros composés d’articles inédits qui témoignent des tendances de pointe de la recherche, théorique et de terrain, et des discussions qu’elles suscitent.

Politique Africaine: Publiée par les éditions Karthala, Politique Africaine est une revue pluridisciplinaire d’analyse du politique en Afrique. Créée au début des années 1980 en rupture avec les approches dominantes, elle s’est imposée en France et à l’étranger, comme une publication de référence pour l’ensemble de la communauté “africaniste” internationale.

Afriques est une revue internationale d’histoire des mondes africains, qui privilégie les époques antérieures au XIXe siècle, en dialogue avec d’autres disciplines comme l’archéologie, la philologie, l’anthropologie ou la linguistique.

Le Journal de la Société des africanistes, devenu Journal des africanistes en 1976, est publié régulièrement depuis 1931, au rythme habituel de deux fascicules par an. On y trouve des articles de spécialistes (ethnologues, archéologues, préhistoriens, linguistes, etc.), des dossiers thématiques, des comptes rendus d’ouvrages et diverses informations scientifiques.

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