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Haute Fashion Africa Website

Festival for African Fashion and Arts (FAFA) was set up in 2008 during the post-election violence which took place in Kenya. The motivation behind the creation of FAFA came from a desire to show creativity and solidarity in the face of adversity. FAFA’s objective is to draw attention to the immense talent and sophistication which exists on the African continent in the fields of fashion, music and the arts, generating positive energy and empowering people from all communities to come together as a call for peace. FAFA aims to hold events in Kenya yearly

Africa Fashion Week New York: Luxury multi-day event that will include runway shows, vendor exhibition,and industry networking events with the sole purpose of raising awareness of the African Fashion/Entertainment professionals in New York and Tri -State area. More specifically, buyers and industry influencers will be previewed to African designers.

Africa Fashion Week London (AFWL) is an annual event involving two days of free fashion festivity, an extravagant fusion of African culture, fashion, style and music. Celebrating London’s unique and diverse culture heritage, topped with flamboyant mixing of Western and African culture through fashion. AFWL is an event for all, with hourly cat walks shows involving designers using African prints, textiles and fabrics from most African countries. Its vision is for it to become the biggest multicultural fashion showcasing event in London.

African Fashion International (AFI), founded, owns and operates the African continent’s most anticipated and directional fashion weeks, namely Cape Town Fashion Week, Joburg Fashion Week (autumn / winter) and Africa Fashion Week and the Africa Fashion Awards…in addition to other fashion-related strategic marketing initiatives. AFI’s vision is to be globally recognised as the leading authority on African fashion-related strategic marketing initiatives and African fashion brands. AFI aims to improve the quality of fashion design output from Africa, to promote African brands, and to dramatically raise the profile of fashion designers from the continent.

The African Fashion Awards was established to help nurture the rich kernels of talent scattered liberally throughout the African Fashion world, and shine a spotlight on some of its most creative eclectic designers, whose full potential has been thus far unrealised. London will host this unique and glitzy extravaganza that will boast luminaries from the fashion industry, media and business. A star-studded line up is expected with great entertainment and glamorous catwalk shows where designers will showcase their collections and creativity to the world

Africa Fashion Guide is the brainchild of Jacqueline Shaw a professional fashion designer, a visionary and an eco-entrepreneur with a big heart for Africa, Fashion and International Development. Jacqueline concepted Africa Fashion Guide with the focus to promote the African fashion and textile industry to the greater global textile industry. It is a one stop shop and platform for fashion professionals, students, retailers, magazines, bloggers and all those interested in African fashion and textiles as a way to promote this industry and bring links between African designers, craftspeople, manufacturers and texile designers with UK and EU fashion design companies and consumer markets, as well as with retailers worldwide.

Style House Files (SHF) is a fashion lover’s guide to fashion, style, and beauty from an African perspective. From discovering emerging designers, to establishing initiatives in support of consumer purchase growth such as ‘BuyNigerian’, and signature interviews with fashion creatives like photographer Andrew Dosunmu, SHF remains at the pulse of global fashion whilst staying in tune with all that pertains to African fashion. SHF is an essential industry resource with an educated voice and an analytical point of view. It raises issues and lends support to projects that focus on the growth and development of fashion in Africa as a genuine industry.

BHF Digital Magazine: is one of the most established lifestyle magazines on the fashion scene. Sinem Bilen Onabanjo, the Managing Editor, adds a touch of style and panache to this publication. Whether it is showcasing the Vlisco Fashion Show or the Festival for African Fashion and Arts (FAFA), BHF displays excellent insight and use of fashion imagery almost bordering on obsession.

AFRICAN VIBES Magazine is where people of African heritage come for Africa related news, entertainment, motivation and inspiration. It is a brand that is revolutionizing African media and is weaving the threads of cultural identity for the reader of African heritage who has a desire to stay connected to his or her African roots. Founded in 2006, African Vibes Communications Inc. (AVC) launched AFRICAN VIBES, the ground-breaking magazine representing contemporary Africa and Africans. Over the years AVC has expanded beyond the pages of its flagship magazine to generate brand extensions such as the Annual Anniversary Event, Village Effort, I Wear African Campaign and The AVC corporate headquarters are in Los Angeles.

ARISE Magazine: ARISE is Africa’s first and foremost international style magazine. Highlighting African achievement in fashion, music, culture and politics, it provides a positive portrayal of the continent and its contribution to contemporary society across the world.

Ladybrille Magazine: Founded in 2007 by fashion model, attorney and journalist Uduak Oduok, Ladybrille® Magazine stands as the pioneer and authority on African fashion and entertainment for the globally conscious style driven American and European woman.

UZURI International Magazine: means “beauty” in Swahili and aims to “recognize and celebrate different body types, lifestyles, cultures, generations and careers of African women,”. Like others on this list Uzuri, focuses heavily on African fashion trends and does a great job of bringing its readers news on fashion events and shows. Uzuri, however, delves just as deeply into features on hair and beauty. Even though Uzuri is one of the newest fashion websites, it was borne out of a 20 year dream by its founder Fidelis Atabong, who incidentally also runs a UZURI Cancer Foundation, a non-profit organisation. is dedicated to African Fashion, Beauty, Art and Designs inspired by Africa. Our main focus is to promote the work of African Artisans, on everything from fashion shows, editorials, interviews, Events, beauty makeovers, fashion and beauty tips and many more all from an African perspective including Afro Caribbean and African Americans Artisans. As a premier Fashion and beauty portal, Shadders online experience brings Africa’s best Artisans from the emerging to the established designers to the Diaspora’s growing audience worldwide. Shadders was established in October 2007. Shadders reports on African fashion, photography, Art and Beauty news and currently has contributors around the world.

CamerCouture: Following the success of CamerCouture 2009, the CamerCouture Fashion Showcase has expanded its focus beyond Cameroon. Established in 2009, the CamerCouture Fashion Showcase is now a platform to connect established and emerging African creators with international fashion marketers, buyers and enthusiasts.

Vogue Italia Vogue Black Edition Website and Blog

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