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Ghanaian Literature

This is a list of the Ghanaian Literature that I have in my possession. It is not meant to be an exhaustive list of all Ghanaian Writers.

Ivor Agyeman-Duah

The philosopher and foreign policy (article from New African available online)

The challenges of education (article from New African available online)

Obituary for Peggy Appiah (Kwame Anthony Appiah’s mother) available online

Obituary for Albert Adu Boahen available online

Emmanuel Akyeampong

Christianity, Modernity and the Weight of Tradition In The Life of Asantehene Agyeman Prempeh I, c. 1888-1931(Essay available online)

Race, identity and citizenship in black Africa: the case of the Lebanese in Ghana (Essay available online)

Sexuality and prostitution among the Akan of the Gold Coast, c. 1650-1950 (Essay available online)

Social History in West Africa: Addiction to Alcohol and Drugs in Urban  Environments (Essay available online)

The State and Alcohol Revenues: Promoting “Economie Development” in Gold Coast/Ghana, 1919 to the Present (Essay available online)

Indigenous Knowledge and Maritime Fishing in West Africa: The Case of Ghana (Essay available online)

History: A Visual Interpretation of Photos Taken from the Basel Mission Picture Archive (Exhibit available online)

Profile by Harvard Magazine available online

Profile available online

Review of Akyeampong’s text Themes in West Africa’s History available online 

Review of Akyeampong’s text The History of the Ashanti Kings and the Whole Country Itself available online

Website of the African Public Broadcasting Foundation (Akyeampong is its president)

Ama Ata Aidoo

Our Sister Killjoy (Novel)

Changes (Novel)

The Dilemma of a Ghost (Play)

Anowa (Play)

Excerpt from No Sweetness Here available online

Interview (1996) available online

Interview with Maria Frias (1998) available online

Interview (2009) available online

Profile from BBC World Service available online

Ama Ata Aidoo’s Black Eyed Squint and the ‘Voyage in’ Experience: Dis(re)orienting Blackness and Subverting the Colonial Tale by Lhoussain Simor (academic essay available online)

“Going Home is another story”: Constructions of Nation and Gender in Ama Ata Aidoo’s Changes by Jane Bryce (academic essay available online)

Space, Time and Empowerment in Ama Ata Aidoo’s Changes by Ibrahima Ndiaye (academic essay available online)

The discource of sweetness in Ama Ata Aidoo’s No Sweetness Here by Clayton Mackenzie (academic essay available online)

Mohammed Naseehu Ali

The Prophet of Zongo Street (Short Stories) Excerpt availabline online

Mallam Sile (Short Story from the collection The Prophet of Zongo Street available online)

How I became a Michigander (essay from Slate available online)

Mysteries of Flight (essay from the New Yorker available online)

My Name is Not Cool Anymore (essay from the New York Times available online)

Kwame Anthony Appiah

In My Father’s House: Africa in the Philosophy of Culture (Philosophy) Excerpt available online

Cosmopolitanism (Philosophy)

Race, Culture, Identity: Misunderstood Connections (Tanner Lecture available online)

The State and the Shaping of Identity (Tanner Lecture available online)

The Case for Contamination (essay from the New York Times available online)

A Slow Emancipation (essay from The New York Times available online)

The New New Philosophy (essay available online)

Interview (2005) available online

Interview (2006) available online

Profile from Stanford University

A Quick Reading of Rhetorical Jingoism: Anthony Appiah and his Fallacies by Molefi Asante (essay by prominent Afrocentric thinker attacking Appiah’s critique of Afrocentrism)

Kwame Anthony Appiah’s Website

Ayi Kwei Armah

The Beautiful Ones Are Not Yet Born (Novel) Excerpt One, Excerpt Two available online

Two Thousand Seasons (Novel)

Profile from The Daily Trust

Narrative Situation and Ideology in five novel by Ayi Kwei Armah by Garry Gillard (academic essay available online)

Postcolonialism/Space/Postmodernism: Ayi Kwei Armah by Garry Gillard (academic essay available online)

Armah’s Ghana Revisited: History and Fiction by Derek Wright (essay available online)

Ayi Kwei Armah and the Significance of His Novels and Histories by Derek Wright (essay available online)

Psychopathology and Healing in Ayi Kwei Armah’s Two Thousand Seasons and The Healers by Khondlo Mtshali (essay available online)

Negritude Rediscovered: A Reading of the Recent Novels of Armah, Ngugi, and Soyinka by Eustace Palmer (essay available online)

Meshack Asare

Sosu’s Call (Children’s Book)

Ayesha Harruna Attah

Harmattan Rain (Novel) Excerpt available online

Tamale Blues (Short Story available online)

Interview (2010) available online

Ayesha Harruna Attah’s Website

George Ayittey

African Philosophical Tenets (Article available online)

Concepts of Wealth in Traditional Africa (Article available online)

The Intellectuals (Article available online)

Julius Nyerere: A Saint or a Knave (Article available online)

African Thugs Keep Their Continent Poor (Article available online)

Proliferation of Dictatorships (Article available online)

Obama’s Victory Shames Africa (Article available online)

On the US Human Rights Reports (Article available online)

On Dambisa Moyo’s book ‘Dead Aid’ (Article available online)

Guns, Idiots, and Screams (Article available online)

Cheetahs vs. Hippos (2007 TED Lecture available online) Transcript available online

Interview (2005) available online

Interview (2005) with Bill Moyers available online

Interview (2010) available online

Website of the Free Africa Foundation (Ayittey is the founder)

John Azumah

The Legacy of Arab-Islam in Africa: A Quest for Inter-religious Dialogue (Religion)

My Neighbour’s Faith: Islam Explained to Christians (Religion)

Muslim Christian Relations in Ghana (religious article available online)

The Christian Response to Islam: A Struggle for the Soul of Christianity (religious article available online)

Interview (2008) available online

Four Steps to Christianize Muslims an article from Islam Online about a speech allegedly delivered by Azumah at an evangelical conference in Cairo

Adwoa Badoe

Between Sisters (Novel)

Profile available online

Video Performance available online

Review of Badoe’s Children’s Book The Pot of Wisdom: Ananse Stories available online

Adwoa Badoe’s Website

Adwoa Badoe’s Blog

J. Benibengor Blay

Coconut Boy (Novel)

Albert Adu Boahen

African Perspectives on Colonialism (History)

Topics in West African History (History)

The Growth of African Civilization: The Revolutionary Years West Africa since 1800 (with J.B. Webster and H.O. Idowu) (History)

The colonial heritage in Africa (article available online)

The colonial challenge: Africa under foreign domination 1880-1935 (article available online)

Obituary by Ivor Agyeman-Duah in The Guardian available online

Obituary by Cameron Duodu in The Independent available online

The reclaimed history man by Cameron Duodu (article about Boahen in the Guardian available online

Quobna Ottobah Cugoano

Thoughts and Sentiments on the Evil of Slavery (Memoir)

Excerpt One available online

Excerpt Two available online

Excerpt Three available online

The Narrative of the Enslavement of Ottobah Cugoano, A Native of Africa (Memoir available online)

Amma Darko

Faceless (Novel) Excerpt from the Novel available online

Beyond the Horizon (Novel)

My City Accra (essay available online)

Home/Land (essay available online)

Interview (2003) available online

Interview (2003) available online in German

Profile by Helen Fallon available online

Woman on Top: Prostitution and Pornography in Amma Darko’s Beyond the Herizon by Maria Frias (academic essay available online)

Amma Darko’s Website

George Sefa Dei

African Development: The Relevance and Implications of ‘Indigenousness’ (Social Science Essay)

Reclaiming Our Africanness in the Disaporized Context: The Challenge of Asserting a Critical African Personality (Essay available online)

Black Focused Schools are about Inclusion, Not Segregation (Article available online)

Interview (2009) about Afrocentric Schools available online

Ekow Eshun

Black Gold of the Sun (Memoir)

How My Future Caught Up with the Past (essay from The Independent available online)

Difference Unites Us (essay from The New Statesman available online)

A universal colour (article from The New Statesman available online)

Battle of the Brands (article from The New Statesman available online)

No place like home (article from The New Statesman available online)

Interview (2007) available online

Interview available online

Kwame Gyekye

Aristotle and a Modern Notion of Predication (philosophical essay available online)

Traditional Political Ideas: Their relevance to development in contemporary Africa (philosophical essay available online)

Person and Community in Akan Thought (philosophical essay available online)

Beyond Cultures: Perceiving a Common Humanity (Philosophical Text available online)

Preface to Gyekye’s book An Essay on African Philosophical Thought available online

Gyekye and African Philosophy: A Note by L. Keita (article available online)

A Critical Exposition of Kwame Gyekye’s Communitarianism by O.S. Mwimnobi (philosophy dissertation available online)

Dorinda Hafner

I Was Never Here and This Never Happened (Memoir)

Interview (2007) available online

Interview (2006) available online

Video Interview available online

Dorinda’ Shooting Guns Vodcast Video available online

Profile available online

Dorinda Hafner’s Wikipedia Page

Dorinda Hafner’s Website

Dorinda in Schools Online Website

Dorinda’s Ceremonies’ Website

Mamle Kabu

The End of Skill (Short Story available online)

Benjamin Kwakye

The Clothes of Nakedness

Interview (2009) available online

Benjamin Kwakye’s Website

B. Kojo Laing

Search Sweet Country (Novel)

Culture Wars in Cyberspace: A Note on Kojo Laing’s Major Gentl and the Achimota Wars by Derek Wright (essay available online)

Joseph Mensah

Black Canadians: History, Experience, Social Conditions (History)

J. H. Kwabena Nketia

The Music of Africa (African Studies)

Profile available online

Nketia’s The Music of Africa and the Foundations of African Musicology by Kofi Agawu (essay available online)

Kwame Nkrumah

Ghana: The Autobiography of Kwame Nkrumah (Memoir)

African Colonialism Revisited (Essay available online)

Excerpt from Nkrumah’s book Neo-colonialism available online

Excerpt from Nkrumah’s speech I Speak of Freedom a statement of African Ideology available online

Profile of Kwame Nkrumah from BBC World Service available online

David Tetteh Osabu-Kle

Compatible Cultural Democracy: The Key to Development in Africa (Political Science Text)

The Ga People and the Homowo Festival (Essay available online)

What is Africa? (Essay available online)

The Politics of One-Sided Adjustment in Africa (Essay available online)

Democracy and its Practice: A General Theory of Democratic Relativity (Essay available online)

Military Square Pegs in Round Holes: The Case of Siera Leone (Essay available online)

The African Reparation Cry: Rationale, Estimate, Prospects and Strategies (Essay available online)

Who is Mother Africa? What is Imperialism? (Essay available online)

The Fundamental Problem in Zimbabwe (2001) (Article available online)

Kuffour: Please be a strong President (Article available online)

Bring Charles Taylor and the RUF to their Knees (Article available online)

Professor’s Efforts Educate Young Children in Ghana by Tanya Pobuda (article about Professor Osabu-Kle available online)

Mercy Amba Oduyoye

Together on the Way: From Cover to Core: A Letter to My Ancestors (Essay available online)

The African Experience of God Through the Eyes of an Akan Woman (Essay available online)

The Church of the Future, Its Mission and Theology: A View from Africa (Essay available online)

Praying for God’s Transformation in Africa (Article available online)

Mercy Amba Oduyoye: Mother of Our Stories by Christina Landman (academic essay available online)

Profile available online

Akosua Perbi

Slavery and the Slave Trade in Pre-Colonial Africa (Essay available online)

The Relationship between the Domestic Slave Trade and the External Slave Trade in Pre-Colonial Ghana (Essay available online)

Interview (1995) available online

Interview (2006) available online

Interview available online

Interview available online

Alex Quaison-Sackey

Africa Unbound (Memoir)

Obituary from the New York Times available online

Article from Time Magazine (1965) about an incident during the term of Quaison-Sackey as the first black African president of the UN General Assembly 

Ato Quayson

Fathers and Daughters: An Anthology of Exploration (Anthology, Editor)

Unthinkable Nigeriana: The Social Imaginary in District 9 (Article available online)

Does the diaspora open the door to African identity? (Article available online)

Video Interview (2008) with TVO available online

Video Interview (2009) with TVO available online

Ato Quayson’s Blog

Charles Quist-Adade

In the Shadows of the Kremlin and the White House: Africa’s Media Image From Communism to Post-Communism (History)

Charles Quist-Adade’s Website

Efua Sutherland

The Marriage of Anansewa (Play)

Edufa (Play)

Myths, Traditions and Mothers of the Nation: Some thoughts on Efua Sutherland’s Writing by Tony Simoes da Silva (academic essay available online)

Kwasi Wiredu

Philosophy and an African Culture (Philosophy)

Towards Decolonizing African Philosophy and Religion (philosopical essay available online)

Democracy and Consensus in African Traditional Thought: A Plea for a Non-Party Polity (philosophical essay available online)

The Ghanaian Tradition of Philosophy (philosopical essay available online)

Problems in Africa’s Self Definition in the Contemporary World (philosophical essay available online)

The Moral Foundations of an African Culture (philosophical essay available online)

Death and the Afterlife in African Culture (philosophical essay available online)

Interview (2000) available online

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