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Congolese (DRC) Links

These sites are of interest. The Woyingi Blogger does not endorse the content of these sites. Please inform me if any of the links do not work.

BBC News Country Profile: Democratic Republic of Congo

BBC News Historical Timeline: Democratic Republic of Congo

Library of Congress Country Study: Democratic Republic of Congo

Lonely Planet: Democratic Republic of Congo

EveryCulture: Democratic Republic of Congo

Human Rights Watch: Democratic Republic of Congo

Amnesty International: Democratic Republic of Congo

The Guardian UK: Democratic Republic of Congo

Panzi Hospital of Bukavu: The Panzi Hospital is located in South Kivu, The Democratic Republic of Congo. Internationally acclaimed Dr. Denis Mukwege specializes in treating survivors of sexual violence due to the ongoing conflict in the region

Congo Memory Institute: The Congo Memory Institute (CMI) seeks to create an open archive of written and oral memories of atrocities committed in the Congo region before, during and after European colonization, provide forums for people to record and share their memories with others, with a special focus on those living in the Congo, and to nurture a shared dialogue for local, state and foreign actors to build a collective memory from which to redress past wrongs by reforming institutions and cultures of oppression.

Free Fair DRC: During the campaign period for the DRC elections, documents were released by UK Member of Parliament Eric Joyce that appeared to show a systematic pattern of underselling Congolese mining assets to off-shore ‘shell’ companies to a tune of an estimated US$5.5 billion. If these accusations are true, and the evidence strongly suggests they are, it means that the Congolese people have missed out on greatly needed funds to promote health, education, and poverty reduction programs. Therefore, as part of FreeFair DRC’s new agenda of promoting transparency and governmental accountability, we are appealing for any information or documentation of potential fraud, misappropriation of revenue, or questionable business dealings that may have detrimentally affected the Congolese people. All information and documents will be able to be lodged anonymously through the FreeFair DRC website. All the information we receive will be investigated by an independent third party and subsequently published if found to be verifiably true. The DRC must be compelled to adhere to its International Monetary Fund obligations. Since the loan of US $551.45 million, mining contracts have not been published, and deals worth a total of (at least) US $5.5 billion have been concluded with no public tender. To ensure that the Congolese people receive the full benefits of their nation’s vast mineral wealth, these mining deals must be publically disclosed.

The Congo Yetu Initiative (CYI) is an intellectually conscious and independent body working to promote peace, democracy, human rights, gender equity, women and children rights, and sustainable development.

HEAL Africa’s primary focus is to train and enable healthcare providers and activists who are engaged in community-based healing  in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Founded by Dr. Kasereka (“Jo”) Lusi, a Christian Congolese orthopedic surgeon, and his social activist/administrator wife, Lyn.

American Museum Congo Expedition 1909-1915: A decade after Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness first depicted the mysteries and agonies of the area, Herbert Lang and James Chapin set sail for the northeastern Belgian Congo. They knew they were launching an extraordinary adventure, but they could not have imagined what those years would hold. By the time they sailed home five and a half years later, they had collected tons of precious zoological and anthropological specimens representing one of the most comprehensive collections of the day

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum-Preventing Genocide: Democratic Republic of Congo

National Public Radio: River of Life Congo Odyssey-Ofeibea Quist-Arcton reports on life along the 3,000 mile Congo River. “the way of life along the water route….mirrors Congo’s checkered fortunes.”

Ota Benga Alliance: Founded on January 31, 2003, the mission of the Ota Benga Alliance is to raise awareness of Congolese history and to identify and support social healers and healing forces in the D.R. Congo, the U.S.A., and elsewhere, which offer nonviolent and healing ways of organizing society and resolving conflict.

DRC Arts

Studio Kabako: Faustin Linyekula’s Dance Company

Nostalgie Ya Mboka is a weekly radio programme featuring the ‘belle epoch’ of music from the two Congos.

Papa Wemba: Africa’s King of Rumba Rock Website

BBC News Photo Journal: Congo’s Muslic Maestro Felix Wasekwa

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