The Woyingi Blog

Black African Diasporas

Under Construction

The United States

The Slave Trade in the United States

Freed Slaves before Abolition

The Underground Railroad

The Civil War and Abolition

The Gullah

Blacks and The American West

Black and Native American Relations

The Great Migration

The Harlem Renaissance

African Americans in World War II

The Civil Rights Movement


The Slave Trade in Canada

The Black Loyalists

Blacks in Ottawa

Blacks in Toronto

Blacks in Montreal

Blacks in Nova Scotia

Blacks in The Canadian West

See: Black Canadian Profiles

The Caribbean/ West Indies

Maroon Communities








Afro-Caribbean and Indo-Caribbean Relations

Central and South America

Garifuna Communities

Blacks in Brazil

Blacks in Peru

Blacks in Columbia

Blacks in Ecuador

Blacks in Uruguay

Blacks in Mexico


Early Black European Lives

Joseph Knight (Scotland)

Blacks in Britain

Blacks in France

Blacks in Germany

Blacks in Eastern Europe

The Middle East

Blacks in Palestine

Blacks in Iraq

Blacks in Iran

Blacks in the Emirates

Blacks in Turkey

South Asia

Sidi Communities

East Asia

Blacks in China

Blacks in Japan

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