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African Regional Links: Northern Africa

These sites are of interest. The Woyingi Blogger does not endorse the content of these sites. Please inform me if any of the links do not work. When including countries within a particular region, I am following the United Nations geographical sub-regions for Africa.

South Sudan

Radio Miraya is a 24 hour, 7 day a week radio operated by the United Nations Mission in Sudan in partnership with Fondation Hirondelle, a Swiss non-governmental organization. Programmes are broadcast on 26 FM relays from Juba, capital of South Sudan, in English and simple Arabic. Radio Miraya also has a daily Short Wave broadcasts accessible throughout the country. Our website,, provides live audio streaming, news bulletins and other selected programmes. Launched on June 30, 2006, Radio Miraya has grown to an organization of more than 100 national staff members (journalists, presenters, technicians and support staff) who have been recruited from all over South Sudan and trained in-house. Reporters are based throughout the states, reporting on issues of concern to local communities.

Radio Tamazuj is a daily news service and current affairs program for the contested borderlands of Sudan and South Sudan. The purpose of Radio Tamazuj is to provide reliable and independent news and information. The station broadcasts daily in Arabic over shortwave (SW) frequencies. The programme reports directly and independently on current local affairs and developments related to peace and conflict dynamics in the border zone. To mitigate and prevent conflict arising from rumors, gossip and ethnic prejudices, Radio Tamazuj seeks to provide access to timely and reliable information for people in the so-called ‘Three Areas’ of Southern Kordofan, Blue Nile and Abyei, and for people in other frontier states. Independent information is an important human right, making professional journalism a tool for dialogue, debate and decision-making

Emmanuel Jal has won worldwide acclaim for his unique style of hip hop with its message of peace and reconciliation born out of his experiences as a child soldier in Sudan

Gua Africa: Founded by former Sudanese child soldier turned hip hop artist, Emmanuel Jal,  Gua Africa works with individual, families and communities to help them overcome the effects of war and poverty through Education “Gua” means peace in Nuer, a language from Southern Sudan

Recovering the Material and Visual Cultures of the Southern Sudan: A Museological Resource  This website provides access to a detailed catalogue of the collections from Southern Sudan held at the Pitt Rivers Museum, the University of Oxford’s museum of anthropology and world archaeology.

God Grew Tired of Us Film Website: Winner of both the Grand Jury Prize and the Audience Award at the 2006 Sundance Film Festival, GOD GREW TIRED OF US explores the indomitable spirit of three “Lost Boys” from the Sudan who leave their homeland, triumph over seemingly insurmountable adversities and move to America, where they build active and fulfilling new lives but remain deeply committed to helping the friends and family they have left behind.

Canadian Aid for Southern Sudan (CASS) is working to help the people of southern Sudan rebuild their lives and communities after decades of brutal war.


The American University in Cairo Press, founded in 1960, celebrates this year its 50th anniversary. Today the leading English-language publishing house in the Middle East, its goals and purposes reflect and support the mission of The American University in Cairo in education, research, and cultural exchange, through professional publishing programs and international bookselling services.

Al Ahram Weekly Online published in Cairo

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