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These sites are of interest. The Woyingi Blogger does not endorse the content of these sites. Please inform me if any of the links do not work.

The Zimbabwean: A Voice for the Voiceless: Online Newspaper for Zimbabweans in Exile

Bulawayo 1872: Website dedicated to the history of Bulawayo, a town in Zimbabwe

KUBATANA THE NGO NETWORK ALLIANCE PROJECT – an online community for Zimbabwean activists

Sokwanele: Zimbabwe Civic Action Support Group. Campaigning non-violently for freedom and democracy in Zimbabwe

The Association of Zimbabwean Journalists in the UK (AZJ-UK) was launched in 2005 to bring together exiled journalists and other media practitioners living outside the country. So far we number about 40 experienced Zimbabwean journalists, having left the country for various reasons connected to the political and economic problems bedevilling our country.

Rethinking Zimbabwe is a collective effort to provide timely and thoughtful analysis and debate concerning future strategies to renew Zimbabwean political culture and society. The contributors to Rethinking Zimbabwe include those with years of experience analyzing Zimbabwean issues as well as those who continue to work on the frontlines in the long daily struggle for greater openness, participation, and justice. Part of the Royal African Society’s African Arguments Site.

Zimbabwean Music

Dandemutande is a resource for people who love Zimbabwean music and culture around the world. Paul Novitski began Dandemutande (originally mis-named Utandande) in 1993 as a printed resource guide of Zimbabwean music teachers, performers, and instrument makers. It soon became a monthly calendar of events, and occasional issues published articles on the music and its players. ‘Dandemutande’ is the word for ‘spiderweb’ in the Shona language of Zimbabwe. Dandemutande refers to the growing network of people throughout the world who love to play, teach, listen to, and dance to the amazing music of Zimbabwe.

The Zimbabwean Music Festivalis an annual celebration of Zimbabwean music and culture. A fun-filled three-day weekend of concerts, workshops, community conversations, a marketplace and more, Zimfest is the largest annual gathering in North America of students, teachers, performers, and fans of Zimbabwean music

MBIRA a non-profit organization devoted to Shona mbira music. MBIRA was incorporated in the State of California as a non-profit public benefit corporation in 1998.

Zimbabwean Visual Art

Zimbabwe Fine Art: Zimbabwe Fine Arts is based in Harare, Zimbabwe. We are committed to providing exposure for Zimbabwe artists to an audience of collectors and investors worldwide. We are also on the lookout for new artists to represent

Chiko Chazunguza: Zimbabwean visual artist based in Ottawa, Canada Zimbabwean stone sculpture, despite the political and social upheavals across the country, remains a truly contemporary force, combining successfully with an ancient cultural heritage. The art is direct, powerfully human and is often extremely beautiful.Based in Harare, have a unique opportunity to be in constant communication with the artists and thus privy to the latest cutting edge sculpture being produced in Zimbabwe today.

Gallery Delta: Established in 1975, Gallery Delta is an important venue in Harare for changing exhibitions of Zimbabwean paintings, graphics, mixed media sculptures and ceramics. The gallery is situated in the former home of Robert Paul (1906 – 1980), now regarded as Zimbabwe’s finest landscape painter. The website aims to provide information about Zimbabwean contemporary visual art and some of its acknowledged artists.

Zimbabwean Literature

Weaver Press Zimbabwe: Weaver Press publishes books from and about southern Africa and is committed to ensuring that the results of research, scholarship and creative writing are made available in their region of origin, and not only in foreign markets. Our list focuses on political and social history, the environment, media issues, women’s and children’s rights, fiction and literary criticism. In addition, Weaver Press co-publishes and distributes titles developed by the Women’s Law Centre, Harare, and works closely with publishers such as James Currey (UK).

Mazwi Zimbabwean Literary Journal: MAZWI is an online portal focusing mainly on Zimbabwean arts, culture, and literature. The idea of Mazwi is to become the most important outlet for a new creative, intellectual and cultural movement for Zimbabweans in the country and elsewhere

Zimbabwean Writers’ Websites and Blogs

Petina Gappah’s Website

Irene Sabatini’s Website

Valerie Tagwira’s Blog

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  1. Ben said, on June 15, 2012 at 12:31 pm

    What a compilation.Will definately visit most of the sites above.However,i have tried the link for Petina Gappah’s website and it seem not to be working [the 3rd from last]

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