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These sites are of interest. The Woyingi Blogger does not endorse the content of these sites. Please inform me if any of the links do not work.

BBC News Country Profile: Uganda

BBC News Historical Timeline: Uganda

Library of Congress Country Study: Uganda

Lonely Planet: Uganda

EveryCulture: Uganda

Human Rights Watch: Uganda

Amnesty International: Uganda

The Guardian UK: Uganda 

Advocates Coalition for Development and Environment (ACODE) is an independent public policy research and advocacy think tank based in Kampala, Uganda. ACODE was registered as a Non-Governmental Organisation in 1999. Ten years now, ACODE is one of the most dynamic and robust regional leaders in cutting-edge public policy research and analysis in a range of areas including governance, trade, environment, and science and technology.

Women of Uganda Network is a NGO initiated by women`s organisations in Uganda to develop the use of ICTs among women as tools to share information and address issues collectively

Smithsonian Folkways: Mirembe Kawomera (Delicious Peace) Coffee, Music and Interfaith Harmony in Uganda

The Daily Monitor: Ugandan Online News

Newspaper: New Vision Online 

News: UG Pulse

Uganda AIDS Commission (UAC) was established, by Statute of Parliament, in 1992 under the Office of the President, to ensure a focused and harmonized response. Uganda’s response to the epidemic, spearheaded by H.E President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, has been marked with high political commitment at various levels, openness about HIV/AIDS that enhanced behaviour change communication interventions, unprecedented support from international development partners; and action from sectors of government and civil society.

Guluwalk: Since the first walk in 2005, thousands around the world have walked to tell the story of northern Uganda and bring attention to the plight of its people. Since it’s inception, the event has raised over $1-million for the children of northern Uganda

The Archdiocese of Gulu Website

Acholi Times-Voice of the Acholi People: Online News/Magazine for the Acholi of Northern Uganda

Website of Eric M. Kashambuzi, Ugandan, graduated in Geography; Economics, Demography, International Law and Diplomacy, and Sustainable Development. Currently, he is Senior Policy Advisor on the United Nation Millennium Project, which advises the United Nations Secretary-General on the Millennium Development Goals.

Emmanuel Katongole’s Website: Born in the village of Malube, Uganda and educated in the country, Emmanuel Katongole was ordained as a Roman Catholic priest by the Kampala Archdiocese in 1987. Since his ordination he has served parishes in Africa, Belgium, and the United States. Emmanuel joined the faculty of Duke Divinity School in 2001 and serves as the Associate Research Professor of Theology and World Christianity. He is also founding co-director of the Center of Reconciliation at the Divinity School. Rooted in a Christian vision of God’s mission, the Center for Reconciliation at Duke Divinity School inspires, forms, and supports leaders, communities, and congregations to live as ambassadors of reconciliation.

Ugandan Literature

Mildred Barya’s Website

Jane Musoke-Nteyafas’ Website

FEMRITE– Uganda Women Writers’ Association is an indigenous, non-governmental, non-profit making women’s organisation that was launched on May 1, 1996. The organisation came into being at a time when the Ugandan literary scene had almost no visible creative literature written by women. FEMRITE desired to change that situation and build level ground for Ugandan women creative writers enabling them to contribute to national development through creative writing. FEMRITE acronym stands for Female Writers

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