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African Regional Links: Eastern Africa

These sites are of interest. The Woyingi Blogger does not endorse the content of these sites. Please inform me if any of the links do not work. When including countries within a particular region, I am following the United Nations geographical sub-regions for Africa.

Eastern Africa Links

The Azanian Sea was founded in 2009 as a web resource and online hub for information, inspiration and informed commentary on the African presence in the Indian Ocean. The name is derived from the famous 8th century travel document the Periplus of the Erythrean Sea and refers to the coastal areas of the Indian Ocean adjacent to Africa. The mission of The Azanian Sea is to provide high quality web content about Africa and the Indian Ocean and create spaces for cultural exchange and dialogue. We feature travel journals, guest articles, artwork, pictures, poetry, and interviews from Oman, Kenya, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Eastern Congo, Somalia, Sudan, Ethiopia, India, Mauritius, Madagascar, and more. We welcome contributions in English, Kiswahili, Arabic, and French

Asante Africa Foundation began with a vision. While trekking on safari through the beautiful lands of Tanzania and Kenya in late 2005, Erna Grasz and her husband met several people from local villages and communities who warmed their hearts and inspired them along their journey. Asante Africa Foundation was established in 2006 by three women: Erna Grasz, a Silicon Valley corporate executive with an advanced degree in engineering, Emmy Moshi, a Tanzanian entrepreneur residing in the Kilimanjaro region and Hellen Nkuraiya, a school principal and esteemed member of the Kenyan Maasai tribe.


Tanzania On-Line: A Gateway to Information on Development Issues in Tanzania

The Tanzania Media Women’s Association (TAMWA) is a non-governmental Organisation (NGO) formed in 1987 by 12 women journalists and broadcaster who strongly opposed the way media portrayed women and determined to join hands to remedy the situation.

Chipua, meaning “sprouting” or “growing” in Swahili, is a non-governmental organization based in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. We use a multidimensional approach to equip disadvantaged youth, especially girls, with the necessary tools to improve their lives, withstand the pressures and temptations of their environments and become contributing members of their communities.

Streetwise Africa project aims to contribute to the reduction of one of the most serious consequences of poverty – children living on the streets. The project does so by providing a ‘protective environment’ that facilitates quality interaction between the child and the project’s team on a daily basis, in an accessible place. A place not confined by walls, gates or keys, where a child feels free to be himself and welcome as he is. Based in Mwanza, Tanzania.

Swahili Online

Zanzibar Unveiled: History of Zanzibar

Tololwa Mollel’s Website: Tololwa Mollel is a children’s author, dramatist and storyteller, who has written sixteen books and several plays as well as stories that he created or adapted for performance. His books, which include award winning titles such as Rhinos for Lunch and Elephants for Supper, Big Boy, and My Rows and Piles of Coins have been published in Canada, the U.S., Australia, England and Tanzania where he was born. His books have been translated into various South African languages and into Korean. In Tanzania, Mollel was a University lecturer and an actor in a touring company that performed as far as Germany and Sweden. He continued acting in Canada but came to devote himself to writing and to the literary scene in Edmonton, serving as President of the Writers Guild of Alberta in the late 1990s.


BBC News Country Profile: Burundi

BBC News Historical Timeline: Burundi

Lonely Planet: Burundi

EveryCulture: Burundi

Human Rights Watch: Burundi

Amnesty International: Burundi

The Guardian UK: Burundi

The Burundi Film Center (BFC) was launched as a non-profit media development project in the summer of 2007 under a mandate to “Inspire. Educate. Entertain.” The first five short films created by our students are currently circulating festivals around the world and all over the nation of Burundi.

ABEZAMUTIMA is a Burundian Traditional Dance Group (ABTDG) based in Ottawa, Canada. It is an organization made of experienced dancers, drawn together by their common interest and passion for traditional dancing. The group has young performers (4 years old to 12), and adults’ performers (13 years and over).

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