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These sites are of interest. The Woyingi Blogger does not endorse the content of these sites. Please inform me if any of the links do not work.

The African Centre for Justice and Peace Studies is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation based in Africa, London and New York and devoted to promoting human rights in Sudan.

Sudan Institute for Research and Policy is committed to working with academic and non-academic institutions and organizations of civil society in the Sudan to carry out its vision.

Sudan for All: Sudanese Society for Research on Arts and Humanities

Making Sense of Darfur: Blog edited by Alex de Waal

Darfur Rehabilitation Project

Sudan Tribune: SudanTribune is a non-profit web site based in France

The Republican Thought: Glimpses of the Life and Thought of Mahmoud Taha, Sudanese Thinker

Ahfad University for Women: Pioneer for education of women in Sudan

Sudanese Women Empowerment for Peace: The women of Sudan have come along way in their struggle not only to be heard, but also to be a positive and lasting influence on both the CPA and the people in Sudan. SuWEP is an organization born in exile, and reflects this long struggle and what may have been achieved by the women of Sudan. Since its inception in 1998, where it brought the Sudanese women of both the Southern and Northern section together is working for the same goals. SuWEP has endeavored to develop the capacity of the women on the ground that would be able to promote both development and peace within their communities. Overall, SuWEP is a movement of Sudanese Women working to strengthen and empower women politically, socially, and economically.

Sudan Artists Gallery was established mid 1999, to participate in an ongoing efforts of documentation for the contemporary Sudanese art in particular and contemporary art in Africa.

Radio Dabanga: Radio Dabanga is a project of the Radio Darfur Network, a coalition of Sudanese journalists and international (media) development organizations, supported by a consortium of international donors, humanitarian community organizations and local NGOs. Radio Dabanga is conceived, operated and facilitated by Free Press Unlimited in the Netherlands.

Radio Dabanga reports from inside Sudan as well as from abroad, producing independent news and relevant information for all Darfuri: city folk, villagers and herdsman, IDPs, Refugees, Darfuri abroad and in Sudan. Radio Dabanga broadcasts in vernacular languages, so that everyone in Darfur can understand the latest news about Darfur and its population.

Radio Tamazuj is a daily news service and current affairs program for the contested borderlands of Sudan and South Sudan. The purpose of Radio Tamazuj is to provide reliable and independent news and information. The station broadcasts daily in Arabic over shortwave (SW) frequencies. The programme reports directly and independently on current local affairs and developments related to peace and conflict dynamics in the border zone. To mitigate and prevent conflict arising from rumors, gossip and ethnic prejudices, Radio Tamazuj seeks to provide access to timely and reliable information for people in the so-called ‘Three Areas’ of Southern Kordofan, Blue Nile and Abyei, and for people in other frontier states. Independent information is an important human right, making professional journalism a tool for dialogue, debate and decision-making

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