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African Geography Links

These sites are of interest. The Woyingi Blogger does not endorse the content of these sites. Please inform me if any of the links do not work.

The Geography of Africa: From Exploring Africa-Africa in the Classroom

How Stuff Works: Physical Features of Africa

African Geography: Mountains and Rivers

PBS Africa: Explore the Regions

National Geographic Guide: Human Geography of Africa

National Geographic Guide: Physical Geography of Africa

National Geographic Video: African Geography

National Geographic Video: African Geography and Social Studies

National Geographic Video: Africa Series: Land of Sun-Desert Odyssey: The Sahara is the largest desert on the planet – almost as big as the United States – with the highest recorded temperature in the world of 136� Fahrenheit. This vast sea of sand and volcanic rock is one of the most inhospitable places on earth. Adam Illius, a nine-year old boy from the Tuareg village of Timia in Niger is about to begin a journey that will change his life. He is about to walk into the heart of the desert with his family’s caravan of camels, across some of the cruelest terrain in search of a prize once said to be as valuable as gold. The trip will be fraught with peril: scorpions, snakes, heat stroke, and dehydration. A fall or a kick from an angry camel could prove fatal. Even reaching the salt mines will not guarantee success.

African Rivers

African Rivers Network: Formed in 2003, the African Rivers Network is comprised of dam affected communities and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) working on water and energy issues from over 20 African countries, with a shared aim of working towards social justice in the arena of large dams and their alternatives, and through working together to influence decision-making, amplifying community voices and rights. It comes at a time when Africa is witnessing an unprecedented pace of proposals for large dams. Increasing demand for dams pose enormous pressure on Africa’s natural resources, water in particular. ARN is committed to promoting dialogue and people-centred decision-making on dams and other large infrastructure development in Africa. Human rights, community acceptance of decisions, and reparations for outstanding social injustices should be the cornerstone for any future dam development in Africa.

International Rivers: Africa

International Rivers: Chinese Dams in Africa

African Maps

The AFRITERRA Foundation is a non-profit Cartographic Library and Archive assembling and preserving the original rare maps of Africa in a definitive place for education and interpretation. We view cartography as a medium that uniquely links art, technology, and history.

American Museum Congo Expedition 1909-1915 Website

African Political Map Page

African Vegetation Map Page

Free Black Outline Map of Africa Page 

African Geography Quizzes and Games

Africa Map Match Game

Africa Puzzle Game

Countries of Africa Map Quiz

Test Your Geography Knowledge: African Countries

Test Your Geography Knowledge: African Capitals

African Capitals Map Quiz

Africa Geography Quiz

African Rivers Map Quiz

The Five Largest Rivers of Africa

Sub-Saharan Africa Quiz: Physical Features

Sub-Saharan Africa Map Quiz

Ancient Africa Map Quiz

Southern Africa Map Quiz

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