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Being Black, Being Muslim

My journey into the world of blogging began with my blog Confessions of a Funky Ghetto Hijabi on Through this blog I made connections with Muslims and non-Muslims around the world and got a free copy from Soft Skull Press of African Psycho-the English translation of the French novel by Congolese writer Alain Mabanckou. My blog had a wide and regular readership that often left comments. Comments keep a blogger motivated. I really do hope more readers of my new blog will start leaving more comments.

I decided to stop writing a blog that was focused on my identity as a Muslim woman because I felt it was too limiting. I also wanted to explore the tensions that I feel exist between non-Muslim Blacks and Black Muslims, both in Africa and the Diaspora. I felt this would be difficult to do in the context of a Muslim blog as my readership was usually attracted to my blog because of how I mocked Islamophobes. Mocking of Islamophobes is certainly necessary-and fun to do-but there are many other pressing issues to be addressed.


Intersections and Contradictions

Being Muslim and Trying to Connect to My Nigerian Heritage: No Easy Task

On Being Hated and Afraid

Michael Jackson and the Need for Converts

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  1. El Hassane said, on October 29, 2013 at 1:04 pm

    As salamou aleykoum sister,
    I went a bit through your work and I xan tell you that what you are doing is great. I am teacher ,a Muslim leaving in Mali.We need stand and fight,to show the whole world that it ‘s possible to be a good muslim and live in peace with others.I’m now planing to work on a topic for my thesis and realy want to work on Ismamic issues in Afriacan litterature. I would be pleased if you could send me some novels dealing with this issue. Anyone’s help is needed.

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