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United States

The African Presence in the Americas originated as an exhibition at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, in 1991, co-curated by Miriam Jimenez, Zita Nunes and Howard Dodson. An exhibition portfolio based on the exhibition was compiled by Nashormeh N. R. Lindo and designed by Kenneth McFarlin in 1992. The teachers’ guide was produced by New York City Public School teachers who participated in a summer institute conducted by the Schomburg Center in 1992.

A Nation of Nations Lesson Plan: Charting African Ethnicities in America

Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage The African Immigrant Folklife Study Project

The United African Organization is an advocacy coalition of African national associations dedicated to social justice, civic participation and empowerment of African immigrants and refugees in Illinois.

African American Arts and Literature

Harlem Renaissance

Harlem Renaissance Multimedia Resource by John Carroll University

Drop Me Off in Harlem is a Web-based resource for teachers and students that explores the themes and works that emerged when creative and intellectual voices intersected during the Harlem Renaissance.

Renaissance Collage: University of Virginia Site on the Harlem Renaissance

Institute of International Visual Arts: Rhapsodies in Black Art of the Harlem Renaissance

About The Black Arts Movement

Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture

The African American Literature Book Club

PBS Website: The Black Press-Soldiers without Swords is an engaging historical account that tells the story of the pioneering men and women of the Black press who gave voice to Black America. The film will have its television broadcast premiere on February 8, l999, (check local listings) on PBS as part of its celebration of Black history month.

Smithsonian Folkways: Say It Loud African American Spoken Word 

African American Writers’ Websites

Maya Angelou’s Website

Tananarive Due’s Website

James McBride’s Website

Gil Scott-Heron’s Website

Cornel West’s Website

African American Music

PBS Website: Jazz a film by Ken Buns

Independent Lens Website: Jimmy Scott If You Only Knew

Independent Lens Website: Keeping Time: The Life, Music and Photographs of Milt Hinton

Independent Lens Website: Strange Fruit: Billie Holiday and Abel Meeropol

Independent Lens Website: PARLIAMENT Funkadelic One Nation Under A Groove

Independent Lens Website: Hip Hop Beyond Beats and Rhymes

Rap/Hip Hop at Site maintained by journalist Henry Adaso

African Americans and Film

Sisters in Cinema: A Resource Guide for and about African American Women Feature Filmmakers

African American Filmmakers, African American Films: A Bibliography of Materials in the UC Berkeley Library is to encourage people to watch and enjoy African-American classic movies. We define this as any film, documentary, made-for-tv movie, television mini-series or cable movie that was released before 1999. When many people think of older African-American movies, they usually only think of blaxploitation films. Blaxploitation, however, represents only one era of films featuring African-Americans and one genre. There are many more types of classic Black American movies. was created in order to promote and celebrate this larger body of entertaining and historically significant African-American film.’s mission is to promote and support diversity in filmmaking. is an online resource which links the Black film community while cultivating national and international audiences interested in their work. The site provides a forum for filmmakers, scholars and organizations to present information and promote artistic expression

African Americans and Politics

African Americans in Politics Schomburg Center for Reseach in Black Culture Site

Jack and Jill Politics provides a black bourgeoisie perspective on U.S. politics

Independent Lens Website: A Place of Our Own: The African American Middle Class in Martha’s Vineyard

Hip Hop Republican

PBS Website: The Pilgrimage of Jesse Jackson

African American Magazines, Journals and Online Media

Souls: A Critical Journal of Black Politics, Culture, and Society, a quarterly interdisciplinary journal published by Taylor & Francis. The Institute for Research in African-American Studies (IRAAS), founded by Dr. Manning Marable at Columbia University, initiated Souls in January 1999. The journal is directed by IRAAS’s research unit, the Center for Contemporary Black History (CCBH), created by Dr. Marable in 2002

Clutch Magazine is the only online magazine for Black women that is updated numerous times daily and releases a full issue every Monday.Clutch barely scratches the surface of how potent it can become. Declining newspaper/magazine circulation, increasing digital awareness from consumers and outstanding content are three of the biggest reasons why Clutch will continue to be a force.

Essence Magazine Website is the first video-centric news community site devoted to providing African Americans with stories and perspectives that appeal to them but are underrepresented in existing national news outlets. TheGrio features aggregated and original video packages, news articles, and blogs on topics from breaking news, politics, health, business, and entertainment, which concern its niche audience. TheGrio is brought to you through the cooperation of NBC News and the production team that brought you the documentary film, Meeting David Wilson.

African Americans and Religions

The African American Islamic Institute (AAII) is an international humanitarian Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), founded in 1988 in Senegal, West Africa by Shaykh Hassan Ali Cisse. AAII’s Mission is to develop sustainable human and natural resources that promote Education, Health Care, Empowerment of Women, Protection of Children, Alleviation of Hunger and Poverty, and Promotion of Peace.

African-American Religion: A Documentary History Project was founded in 1987 and is headquartered at Amherst College. Its goal is to produce a comprehensive history of African-American religion, from the earliest African-European encounters along the west coast of Africa in the mid-fifteenth century to the present day.

PBS Website: This Far by Faith African American Spiritual Journeys

African American History

General History

African DNA: Helping African Americans Discover Their African Genetic Roots

African American History Website at

Amistad Digital Resource for Teaching African American History: The Amistad Digital Resource is designed not as a classroom text, but as a unique multimedia resource for secondary school teachers to enhance their knowledge and ability in teaching African-American history. When completed, it will include hundreds of rare and iconic photographs, audio recordings, news clips, and excerpts of oral history interviews with a descriptive narrative text explaining significant themes and key events in African-American history, from slavery to the twenty-first century. The narrative reflects a pedagogical framework that is simple but powerful: it considers human agency as the motivating force of the freedom struggle.

The mission of the African American Civil War Museum is to preserve and tell the stories of the United States Colored Troops and African American involvement in the American Civil War. We utilize a rich collection of primary resources, educational programming and technology to create a meaningful learning experience focused on this pivotal time in American history. We hope your experience will be rewarding as you explore these 19th century heroes with us.

The Slave Trade in the United States

The Abolition of the Slave Trade: Beyond the legal acts of two hundred years ago and the commemorations of today, it is crucial to understand the full story of the abolition. This website provides resources for exploring the various dimensions and consequences, and the impact of decisions made and actions taken or not taken on four continents two centuries ago. It offers insights into the slave trade to the United States, African resistance, abolitionism, the U.S. Constitution and the Slave Trade Acts, 19th century African-American celebrations of the 1807 Act, the illegal slave trade, the campaign to revive the trade, and the end of the Africans’ deportation

The Gilder Lehrman Center for the Study of Slavery, Resistance, and Abolition, a part of the Whitney and Betty MacMillan Center for International and Area Studies at Yale, is dedicated to the investigation and dissemination of knowledge concerning all aspects of chattel slavery and its destruction.

The Gilder Lehrman Center: The Gullah: Rice, Slavery and the Sierra-Leonean American Connection

The Gilder Lehrman Center: Heroic Exile: The Transatlantic Development of Frederick Douglass 1845–1847

The Gilder Lehrman Center: The Amistad Page

The Gilder Lehrman Center: Harriet Jacobs Selected Writings

PBS Website: Africans in America-America’s Journey Through Slavery

BBC Archive: Chronicle Digging for Slaves: Archaeology unearths the past histories of African slaves in America

Independent Lens Website: Nat Turner A Troublesome Property

Segregation in the United States

The History of Jim Crow: Explore the Complex African American Experience of Segregation from the 1870s through the 1950s, includes resources for teachers

Jim Crow Museum of Racist Memorabilia: Ferris State University Website for the Jim Crow Museum, a 4,000-piece collection of racist artifacts gathered, catalogued and donated by Dr. David Pilgrim, professor of Sociology at the University. Pilgrim is the founder and curator of the fledgling museum.

Independent Lens Website: Banished: American Ethnic Cleansings of African Americans

PBS Website: The American Experience Marcus Garvey-Look for me in the Wilderness

Independent Lens Website: Herskovits At The Heart of Blackness

PBS Website: American Experience: Scottsboro An American Tragedy

The Civil Rights Movement

Martin Luther King, Jr. Research and Education Institute: Clayborne Carson is a professor of history at Stanford University and founding director of the King Institute. Dr. Clayborne Carson has devoted his professional life to the study of Martin Luther King, Jr., and the movements King inspired.

Reporting Civil Rights is a companion site to The Library of America, presents the reporters and journalism of the American Civil Rights Movement.

PBS Website: The American Experience George Wallace-Settin’ The Woods on Fire

PBS Website: American Experience: Road To Memphis

PBS Website: American Experience: Freedom Riders

PBS Website: American Experience: Eyes on the Prize America’s Civil Rights Movement 1954 to 1985

LBJ for Kids Website: Civil Rights During the Johnson Administration Page

Independent Lens Website: The Story of the Greensboro Four

Independent Lens Website: Adjust Your Color The Truth of Petey Greene

Independent Lens Website: Negroes and Guns: Rob Williams and Black Power

African American Involvement in the Vietnam War: The intent of this site is to provide access to resources for researchers and other persons interested in the history of African-American involvement in the Vietnam War. “Involvement” is defined as those who served and those who protested. Although this site represents a sizable collection of full-text articles, papers, other documents (including government documents), Web links, sound files, photographs, speeches and poetry, the majority of the site consists of annotated bibliographic citations.

The History of African Americans at John Hopkins University: This project is a collaborative effort to develop a web-based exhibition documenting the African American experience at The Johns Hopkins Institutions. The project, focusing on African American contributions and experiences, will enrich the university’s history by developing a more complete record of the contributions and value provided by the presence of African Americans at Hopkins, and by providing the Johns Hopkins University community with information that is generally not known. The story will be told using a number of media, including text, photographs, audio files images of documentation and video.

African Americans and The Criminal Justice System

Independent Lens Website: Crips and Bloods Made in America

PBS Website: L.A.P.D. Blues-Investigating the Rampart Scandal

Independent Lens Website: Race to Execution

African American Women’s Blogs

Anxious Black Woman: I am an educator and creative writer venturing into new artistic territory (digital and film), socially conscious and global citizen who loves to travel

black feminisms: Jen Williams is an assistant professor, interested in black transnational literature and visual culture, feminist, gender, and sexuality studies, and trauma, migration and cosmopolitanism, among other things

Black Women, Blow The Trumpet! This blog community is a place where black women identify, organize and strategize solutions for societal issues that impact black women. It is where our common cord is wound tighter and made stronger

Brown Girl Excursions: Blog by African American Artist Leatrice Ellzy


Who’s Who in Black Canada Website

Ebony Roots Black Canadian Studies Site

The Afrikadey! Arts & Culture Society shares the rich creative works of African cultures – from the continent and throughout the Diaspora – with Canadians of all ages and from all walks of life. We create and stage events that bring these artistic traditions to vibrant, joyous life for audiences who might otherwise not get to experience them. Foremost among these events is the annual Afrikadey! Festival, a week-long celebration of the music, food, dance, theatre, film, literature and visual arts of Africa and her descendant cultures. These events take place at different venues all over the city with a final day of music on Prince’s Island, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Black Canadian Associations

Black Business and Professional Association (BBPA) works to advance the Black community by facilitating the delivery of programs that support business and professional excellence, higher education and economic development. It aspires to be the organization of choice for serving the Black community’s business, professional and economic development needs. The BBPA holds The Harry Jerome Awards annually.

Canadian Association of Black Lawyers (CABL) CABL, formed in March 1996, is a national network of law professionals and individuals committed to reinvesting in the community. CABL’s continuing goal is to bring together law professionals and other interested members of the community from across Canada to cultivate and maintain The Association of Black professionals in Canada.

Canadian Association of Black Journalists is dedicated towards diversifying the media through developing and mentoring up-and-coming students and professionals, while increasing the number of talented individuals in front line roles and decision making and management level positions. Founded in 1996.

Blacks in Canadian History

Black History Portal-Parks Canada

Black Canadian History

On the Road North: Black Canada and the Journey to Freedom Virtual Museum

Black Canadians: Heritage, Culture and Contributions Educators are invited to browse this site for resources and information featuring Black Canadians, their heritage, culture, and contributions. Use the menu on the left to explore the variety of resources available to support elementary and secondary school programs. Many educators from across Ontario provided advice that guided Curriculum Services Canada (CSC) in the creation of this resource, funded by the Ontario Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration.

OCDSB Black History Month Teaching Resources

African Canadians in Sport

Multicultural Canada: African Canadians

Canada’s Black Battalion-Veteran Affairs

Many Rivers to Cross: The African Canadian Experience

Saskatchewan African Canadian Heritage Museum (SACHM)’s mission is to research, collect, and preserve, and undertake public education on the contributions and achievements of Canadians of African descent in Saskatchewan.

The Black Pioneer Descendants’ Society is a registered Non-Profit Society. The Society formed from previous organizations that also served to educate and commemorate the many contributions and achievements of Black Pioneers in Western Canada. It is located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The surviving children and families of the Black Pioneers who arrived both in Alberta and Saskatchewan, are the primary representatives of the Society.

Shades of Black: The Best Books on the Black Experience in Canada

African Heritage in Canada: A Subject Guide Resource from the Cape Breton Regional Library

Torture and the Truth Angelique and the Burning of Montreal Site

Black in Canada: Resource from the Winnipeg Public Library

Black History in Ontario

Ontario Black History Society

The Black Canadian Experience in Ontario: 1834 to 1914

Images of Black History-The Alvin McCurdy Collection: Alvin D. McCurdy was born in 1916 in Amherstburg, Essex County, Ontario, where he lived throughout his life. He worked professionally as a carpenter and was a long-time member of the Carpenters and Joiners Union, as well as a Freemason and active member of the Baptist church. In addition, McCurdy was involved with anti-discrimination groups such as the Amherstburg Community Club and the Amherstburg Progressive Association of Coloured People. He was also an historian, genealogist, and collector of black history material. During his lifetime, he amassed dozens of newspaper clippings and postcards relating to southern Ontario and the northern United States, as well as a variety of textual records such as minutes, research files, scrapbooks, and correspondence. He also collected approximately 3000 photographs of church activities, social and cultural events, and friends and family members. Alvin McCurdy passed away in 1989 and his records were purchased by the Archives from his estate in 1990. His collection is the Archives’ largest and most important source of information about the history of the black community in Ontario. The Collection includes materials that pre-date the founding of the province in 1791, and extends through the mid-20th century. This exhibit illustrates some of the key events and trends in Ontario black history with pictures and documents drawn from the McCurdy Collection.

Owen Sound’s Black History

Emancipation Celebration Festival: Join us in celebrating the journey of our ancestors at the Underground Railroad’s most northerly terminus, Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada. Every Civic Holiday Weekend since 1862, the festival brings individuals together to celebrate.

Black Genealogy Research in Ontario

A Black Man’s Toronto by Harry Gairey

Black History in Nova Scotia

African Nova Scotians in the Age of Slavery and Abolition: Approximately 10,000 black people came to Nova Scotia between 1749 and 1816. This virtual exhibit celebrates the lives of Barbary (Barbara) Cuffy, Rose Fortune, Lydia Jackson, Richard Preston, Gabriel Hall, William Hall VC, and the many other African Nova Scotians who arrived during that time. It showcases more than 100 documents reflecting the early African Nova Scotian experience. The exhibit focuses on the period between 1749 and 1834, dates which mark the founding of Halifax and the coming into effect of legislation abolishing slavery in the British colonies, respectively.

Remembering Black Loyalists, Black Communities in Nova Scotia Site

Carrie M. Best Digital Archive: Carrie Best was born in New Glasgow on March 4, 1903. Even though the deck was stacked against her as a black woman born just after the turn of the 20th century, Best maintained that from the beginning she felt a sense of dignity and self-worth that was a foreshadowing of the woman she would become. In her 97 years of living she would defy the odds to become a poet, author, journalist and tenacious crusader. Those efforts as a writer and human rights activist have earned her a place in Nova Scotia and Canadian history.

Black Immigration to Canada

Caribbean (West Indian) Immigration to Alberta from the Understanding Diversity in Alberta Website

Black Canadian Arts and Literature

Black Theatre Workshop

A Different Book List (Black-Focused Bookstore)

Black Music and Musicians in Canada from The Canadian Encyclopedia

Literature Alive Online: The Best in Canadian-Caribbean Literature

CaribbeanTales is Canada’s premier multimedia company producing educational projects based on the rich heritage Caribbean culture and storytelling. CaribbeanTales’ mandate is to foster and encourage intercultural understanding and citizen participation through the creation and distribution of educational films, videos, theatre, new media programs, resource materials and events that reflect the diversity and creativity of Caribbean-Canadian heritage culture. Founded in 2001.

CaribbeanTales Youth Film Festival – Celebrating Black History Month, launched in February 2009. The festival screens classic and contemporary Africentric films, aimed at educators, high-school and university students. The festival presents a unique selection of films and documentaries from and about the African Diaspora, representing a broad range of experiences that celebrates and educates on the richness and diversity of African heritage worldwide. Its aim is to deepen audiences’ understanding of Canada’s vibrant multicultural communities.

Canadian Black Film Festival: The CBFF is the main Canada-wide festival dedicated to celebrating film and media works of African-Canadians and those works of African-Diaspora contact, with registered offices in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal. The CBFF’s mission is to increase opportunities for film display, review and content creation across Canada and as such its mission can be defined by the tagline ‘Create, Display, Celebrate’. The festival itself was set up to address a gap in display opportunities in Canada for theatrical display of works of black origin or culture and defines itself as a ‘celebration event for ALL Canadians to explore, share in and celebrate the many select works that often do not get seen or screened in Canadian theatres.

African Canadian Cinema Blog

AfriCan Theatre Ensemble recognizes the power of live art to inspire and renew the human spirit and to forge human relationships across cultures, creeds, ethnicities, ideologies, genders, and social classes. To that end, our work presents the different theatrical idioms, traditions and experiences of Africa and in so doing creates an avenue for cultural exchange between Africa and Canada. In addition to staged productions/performances, the company creates opportunities for international collaborations and exchange of ideas. ATE recognizes Africa’s creative dialogue with its Diaspora and with other parts of the world. Collaborations that reflect this dialogue constitute a part of the Ensemble’s work. In presenting distinct African traditions, creations and techniques in the theatre arts, the Ensemble corrects the assumptions of a hogenouu Black experience.

Black Canadian Writers’ Websites

Malcolm Azania/Minister Faust’s Website

Esi Edugyan’s Website

Fil Fraser’s Website

Lawrence Hill’s Website

Nalo Hopkinson’s Website

Marlene NourbeSe Philip’s Website

Althea Prince’s Website

Black Canadians and Politics

Website of Nova Scotian Senator Donald Oliver

Political Participation of African Canadians: A Look at the 2003 Toronto Municipal Elections

Operation Black Vote Canada is a non-partisan group, operating as a not-for-profit organization in Canada. OBVC was formed in the summer of 2004 due to frustration by the Federal political process. Its activities focus on the education, representation and participation of Black Canadians in the political process. Operation Black Vote Canada includes and is supported by members from several black organizations and Associations

Black Canadians in Ottawa

Black Ottawa 411: Information for and about Ottawa’s African and Afro-Caribbean communities

Jaku Konbit

Black History Ottawa

Black Focused Organizations

The African Canadian Legal Clinic

Canadian Alliance of Black Educators

The Africentric Research and Education Portal

Council for Advancement of African Canadians in Alberta: The Organization strives to create opportunities for access and full participation of members of the African community in all aspects of society including economic, social, cultural and educational endeavours and contribute to the holistic development and wellness of the African individual, family and community. Essentially, our motto is prosperity through hard work and cooperation

Black Canadian News

The Afro News (Based in Vancouver, BC) (Based in Toronto, ON)

SWAY Magazine


The Black Church in Canada

Black Canadian Scholarship Fund

Who’s Who in Black’s mission is to not only build upon Dawn’s original dream and vision, but to use it as a springboard to elevate our community. Our goal is to continue to showcase the best-of-best in Canada’s Black community and inspire excellence in others. Too often, we as Black Canadians are reticent when it comes to shouting out our successes from the proverbial mountaintop. We’d prefer to humbly do the work; confident in the knowledge that at some point, someone will take notice, and maybe even reward us for our efforts. We assert that belief should be challenged. We should be the first to acknowledge our own accomplishments. : le Site Culturel des Communautés Afro-Canadiennes d’Expressions Françaises. Ce site est dédié uniquement à la programmation culturelle des communautés afro-francophones du Canada dans son étendue; c’est notre outil de promotion culturelle. Ici vous trouverez toutes les informations nécessaires pour mieux connaître les cultures des diverses communautés Afro-Canadiennes d’expressions françaises vivant au Canada. Vous trouverez les profils des communautés, leurs artistes ainsi que leurs diverses programmations culturelles annuelles dans les trois grandes régions du pays: Ottawa, Montréal et Toronto.


African Beyond: Celebrating African Arts in the UK

BBC Radio 1Xtra’s Black History Archive covering over four decades of the most important events from music, TV, politics, sport, fashion and more. We’re going to be uploading loads more content over the next few weeks including pictures, videos and amazing archive interviews from the BBC vaults

UK Black BBC Radio Podcast: Eddie Nestor brings you UK African and Caribbean community news and cultural programming highlights from across BBC local radio every Wednesday.

The New Black Magazine is a Black British online magazine with a global outlook. It provides insightful features and opinions on issues concerning today’s Black men and women

100 Great Black Britons

The Official Guide to Black History Month (UK)

Tiata Fahodzi Theatre Company: Africans in British Theatre

Afridiziak’s Theatre News is an online publication which celebrates African-Caribbean theatre in Britain

Out of Africa is one of the UKs best known platforms that promotes and profiles African arts. The OoA platform highlights the best in African arts via tours, concerts, festivals, newsletters and blogs. OoA is managed and produced by Hatch Events, an events management and marketing agency.

The Black Presence website was formerly the Black Presence in Britain, a history site about the contribution of African descended people in British history. The Black Presence in Britain website was set up in 1998 due to a lack of information about the contribution of Black people to British history to be found on the Internet.

Diaspora Debate will be a forum for exciting, informed and vigorous debate and comment on the issues engaging the African Diaspora in the United Kingdom and beyond. We will be hosting articles, book reviews and commentary that reflect the vibrancy of the contemporary African Diaspora and its impact on the world. Part of the Royal African Society’s African Arguments Site.

Black British Writers’ Websites

Lesley Lokko’s Website

Andrea Levy’s Website

Delia Jarrett-Macauley’s Website

Caryl Phillips’ Website

Na’ima B. Robert’s Website


Afroeuropeans: Black Cultures and Identities in Europe. The purpose of this project is the comparative study of the theory, literature and arts produced by Afroeuropeans in the last decades, with the aim of exploring both the cultural specificies and the internal diversity of black communities in Europe, as well as their connections with the Black Atlantic as a whole. Linguistic barriers within our continent, inherited by immigrants arrived from post-colonial contexts, have prevented until now the fluid exchange of information between Afroeuropeans and africanists working in different languages. One of the main objectives of this project is to create and develop a virtual workspace, shared by theorists and artists working in Spanish, French, Portuguese and English, that may help overcome this situation. Cultural studies and debates over multiculturalism in contexts different from the European such as Australia, Canada and the USA, but also in Europe, and particularly in Great Britain, have brought to the forefront the essential role of culture (music, literature, cinema, the plastic arts and so on) in the processes of creation and negotiation of collective identities. The creation of a formal network of relations between africanists and Afroeuropeans working in different countries and languages is a decisive step towards the configuration of a tolerant and plural European identity, respectful with diversity

Afroeuropa: Journal of Afroeuropean Studies

Afro-Europe International Blog

The African Diaspora Policy Centre (ADPC) enables African Diaspora in Europe to connect more closely with the continent as a collective force. The thematic areas are Peacebuilding, , Better Governance, Migration & Development and Brain Gain.

Africa e Mediterrano Website in Italian


Black Diaspora and Germany: Funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) since summer 2010, our network brings together young scholars based in Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States interested in the study of the Black Diaspora in Germany. From the perspectives of Black German, African American, African Diaspora, and Critical Whiteness Studies, we are developing new theoretical frameworks as well as contributing fresh empirical studies on the history and present of the Black Diaspora in Germany.

Black History Month Berlin-Germany 2009 Website

Initiative Schwarze Menschen in Deutschland (ISD) Website

Kantara’s World: Blog by Afro-German John A. Kantara, includes articles in English


The African Voice Ireland’s No. 1 African Community Newspaper Website

Xclusive Magazine: Ireland’s African only lifestyle monthly and the first and only African magazine to break into the mainstream Irish media market

Africa Centre was founded in the year 2000 by a group of activists in the African immigrant community who wanted the community to have a voice and promote their active participation in Irish society. The organisation was officially launched in October 2001 by the then South African Ambassador to Ireland, Ms Melanie Verweord and Mr. Niall Crowley, former Chief Executive Officer of the Equality Authority. Based in Dublin.

Akina Dada wa Africa (AkiDwA; Swahili for sisterhood) is an authoritative, minority ethnic-led national network of African and migrant women living in Ireland. The non-governmental organisation with charitable status was established in August 2001 by a group of African women to address the needs of an expanding population of African and migrant women resident in Ireland. The organisation is a recognised authoritative and representative body for migrant women, irrespective of their national/ethnic background, tradition, religious beliefs, socio-economic or legal status. AkiDwA’s advocacy approach is based on a gender perspective and the organisation promotes an equal society, free of racism, discrimination and stereotyping. AkiDwA’s advocacy approach is based on strengthening migrant women’s voice, applying a gender perspective to policies and practices and the promotion of equality of migrant women in Irish society, free of gender and racial stereotyping.

Africa Day, which falls on 25th May annually, is the official day of the African Union and marks African unity. It is an opportunity to celebrate African diversity and success, and join Africans around the world in highlighting the cultural and social energy of the continent. Ireland has historically strong connections to Africa, through the work of Irish missionaries and non-governmental organisations and – more recently – through the Irish Aid programme; immigration and business; community and school exchanges. Irish Aid invites people throughout Ireland to join in an exploration and celebration of African music, dance, film, history, art, social and political life and much more for Africa Day each year. Based in Dublin and Limerick.

The Caribbean

The Society for Caribbean Studies Website: The aims of the Society are to encourage education and research about the Caribbean and to provide some opportunity for mutual contact among those concerned with the region and its diasporas. Every year since 1977, the Society has held a conference, attracting participants from the Caribbean, Europe, Canada and the United States.

University of the West Indies at Cave Hill Website

The New West Indian Guide is the oldest scholarly journal on the Caribbean. It presents English-language articles in the fields of anthropology, art, archaeology, economics, geography, geology, history, international relations, linguistics, literature, music, political science and sociology. It includes the world’s most complete review section on Caribbean books, covering some 150 books each year.  Published continuously since 1919.

Francophone Slavery: The purpose of this website is to assemble resources related to slavery in the Francophone world, with a focus on the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. It provides primary and secondary materials and a list of annotated related sites. In addition, it contains texts and pictures of Maryse Condé’s In the Time of the Revolution, performed at the University of Georgia in 1997.

Histoire de l’esclavage en Martinique

Mémoire St Barth Histoire de Saint-Barthélemy: Ressources dédiées à l’histoire de Saint-Barthélemy: la traite négrière, l’esclavage, leurs abolitions et répercussions dans cette île des Petites Antilles

Lancée en 2004, la « Route des abolitions de l’esclavage », s’inscrit dans le projet international de « la Route de l’esclave » soutenu par l’O.N.U. et l’UNESCO sur le devoir de mémoire et se veut être la déclinaison de la Loi du 10 mai 2001 adoptée par la France tendant « à la reconnaissance de la traite négrière et de l’esclavage comme crime contre l’humanité »

Caribbean Studies: Journal of the University of Puerto Rico’s Institute of Caribbean Studies

Caribbean Review of Gender Studies: A Journal of Caribbean Perspectives on Gender and Feminism by The University of the West Indies

Voice of Our America Site-Panamanians of West Indian Descent: On August 15, 1914, the Panama Canal opened. It was the result of the death-defying labor of hundreds of thousands of Black British West Indian men, recruited by the U.S. from their home islands with both true and false promises about the presumably golden opportunity of building the canal. The canal, the Panama Railroad, the United Fruit Company, and the promise of economic opportunity, more generally, attracted British West Indians to Panama throughout the first half of the twentieth century. This segment of VFOA works to capture the beautiful and ugly experiences of modern-day Panamanian West Indians in their own words, and guides interested individuals and groups in using that material to expand awareness of these histories and stories in Panama and in the U.S. VFOA has conducted over 100 interviews with community members in Panama City, Bocas del Toro, and Colón. Listen online.

Repeating Islands: Blog by writers Ivette Romero-Cesareo and Lisa Paravisini-Gebert that includes news and commentary on Caribbean culture, literature, and the arts

Caribbean News

Abeng News Magazine


The BBC Caribbean Service ceased broadcasting on March 25, 2011. This website reflects some of our broadcasting and online highs over the years. We hope you enjoy it.

Caribbean Literature

Small Axe: A Caribbean Platform for Criticism

The Caribbean Review of Books

New Database of Caribbean Literature

Anthurium: A Caribbean Studies Journal

Caribana: A Review of Caribbean Literature

Caribbean Literary Salon: A meeting place for readers and writers

The Caribbean Writer (TCW) – The Literary Gem of the Caribbean – is an international, refereed, literary journal with a Caribbean focus, founded in 1986 and published annually by the University of the Virgin Islands

Calabash Festival: The mission of the Calabash International Literary Festival Trust is to transform the literary arts in the Caribbean by being the region’s best-managed producer of workshops, seminars and performances. We will achieve these goals by focusing on our audiences, managing our budget, creating a community of supporters in the media, government, business, the performing arts, philanthropic organizations and publishing, and by becoming the festival of choice for the world’s most gifted authors. Calabash Festival Archives

The Caribbean-American Book and Art Fair (CABA) is the result of collaboration by Broward County institutions and community organizations engaged in the exploration and production of Caribbean knowledge. The project started in 2003 with the Caribbean Emancipation Annual Lecture Series designed to commemorate the abolition of slavery in the Caribbean. Each year, the lecture focused on a particular Caribbean state bringing its foremost intellectuals to Broward. In addition to the lecture, an art exhibition highlighting the visual productions of the said state was organized concomitantly to the lecture. In 2006, President George W. Bush decreed June as Caribbean-American Heritage Month. The partners agreed to evolve the lecture series into one celebration thus creating the Caribbean-American Book and Art Fair (CABA)

Mosaic Media produces films about Caribbean Writers and Artists for classrooms, libraries and museums – Aimé Césaire, Maryse Condé, Edwidge Danticat and others. These documentaries are especially valuable for university libraries, museums, and professors who specialize in Women’s Studies, the African Diaspora, Multicultural Studies, Black Studies, History, Literature and French

English Language Afro-Caribbean Writers’  Websites

Michael Anthony’s Website

Colin Channer’s Website

Zee Edgell’s Website

Marlon James’ Website

French-Language Caribbean Literature Sites

Études caribéennes

Centre Martiniquais d’Action Culturelle – Scène Nationale de la Martinique situé au cœur de la Caraïbe, favorise l’échange triangulaire – Europe, Caraïbes, Amériques. La Scène Nationale encourage les relations culturelles inter-caribéennes – enrichies par le multi-linguisme – mais aussi affirme à l’international, le rayonnement de la culture française riche des spécificités des Antilles françaises créolophones. Dans un contexte d’insularité qui aurait pu isoler la Martinique, la Scène Nationale reflète dans la mesure de ses possibilités, les diverses facettes culturelles du monde

Madinin’art: Critiques culturelles de Martinique Website

Littérature martiniquaise – île en île

Afritheatre: Resource Site for Francophone Black Theatre

Littérature guadeloupéenne – île en île

Littérature guyanaise – île en île

Kreol Productions se propose d’explorer par toutes les voies artistiques possibles, mais principalement cinématographiques, la réalité complexe des cultures créoles et de leurs émergences identitaires inédites, souvent mosaïques ou composites.


University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Negritude Website

Timeline of Negritude


Mapping Haitian History-A Visual Records Project of Historical Sites Throughout Haiti: This project started as a visual record of colonial and early-national ruins in Haiti (1830 and before), but it’s grown and will continue to grow in both scope and depth. For instance, I’ve included gingerbread-style and other architecture from Port-au-Prince, Cap-Haitien, and Jacmel that is, of course, from much later periods. I would like to tie these records to online historical sources and appropriate bibliographical resources where appropriate. Please see resources for some suggestions.

Haiti Grassroots Watch Website

Haïti Liberté: Haitian Community Online Media, in French and English

Littérature haïtienne – Île en île

Journal of Haitian Studies Website

Haiti Archives Website

When the Drum is Beating Film Website: When the Drum is Beating is a feature documentary that interweaves the extraordinary story of Haitian band Septentrional’s six decades of creativity with the history of Haiti and how it went from being the first free black republic with a huge wealth of natural resources to a shattered country that cannot support its citizens. The film moves back and forth in time between the past and present, and gives broad context to the current problems facing the country: from the brutality of French colonialism and the bloody revolution that brought Haitians their freedom to the crushing foreign debt and the 15 year American occupation that helped usher in the brutal dictatorship of François “Papa Doc” Duvalier. We see the hope that was created by the rise of Jean Bertrand Aristide, and the despair that followed the coup that drove him from power. Most importantly, we learn how all these events contributed to creating the conditions that made the horrific death toll of the earthquake inevitable.


Jamaica Gleaner News Online

National Library of Jamaica Site: Pioneers of Reggae Music

National Library of Jamaica: Samuel Sharpe A Forerunner of Modern Day Labour Movements

Central and South America

Afrolatinos Website: Afrolatinos “The Untaught Story” is a documentary television series independently produced by Creador Pictures, LLC. The program will illustrate history and celebrate the rich culture of people in Latin America of African descent. From the story of how and when slaves came to Central and South America to identity issues that still exist in the Hispanic community today. There are an estimated 200 million Afro-descendants in Latin America but the majority of them do not have political or economic power. This documentary takes you on a journey to meet Afrolatinos throughout Spanish and Portuguese speaking nations and an exploration and appreciation of their culture. It will also teach the uninformed and hopefully initiate social change throughout Latin America. Website available in English and Spanish.

A Rising Voice: Afro-Latin Americans: A series by the Miami Herald

Garifuna American Heritage Foundation United Website: Here you can find out more about our organization, our events and our services. The mission of GAHFU is to serve the Garifuna-American community in the greater Los Angeles area, the United States and abroad through cultural programs, outreach, advocacy and social services programs.

Afro-Urugayan Art

Manuel Zapata Olivella: Website in Spanish dedicated to the life and work of Afro-Columbian writer and anthropologist Manuel Zapata Olivella

York University Centre for Research on Latin America and the Caribbean Website

The Black Mexico Homepage: The purpose of this website is to introduce readers to the culture and unique experience of Mexicans of African descent. If you are like most people, you probably have never heard of Afro-Mexicans and are completely unaware that they exist. If you fall into this category, this page will hopefully be quite a learning experience for you. As a cultural anthropologist, I am interested in how issues of race, color, and nationalism make the Afro-Mexican experience what it is, today, and hopefully, I can come to some general conclusions as to larger issues of race and ethnicity. Perhaps the question most central to my thinking about the topic could be expressed succinctly as: “How do black people in Mexico understand and live their black identity?” This question fascinates me primarily because issues of blackness and race are rarely talked about in Mexico, and the black population is extremely small there.


Casa das Áfricas is committed to helping to increase awareness of different forms of African cultural expressions within Brazilian society and to supporting Africans residing in Brazil, particularly students and immigrants (Site mostly in Portugese)

Raça Brasil : Magazine for the Afro-Brazilian Community, in Portuguese

A Revista Africa Africanidades desde maio de 2008 vem preenchendo destacado espaço na vida cultural e acadêmica brasileira, pois é um dos poucos periódicos nacionais inteiramente dedicado a temas africanos, afro-brasileiros e afro-latinos que agrega conteúdos acadêmicos, de informação, entretenimento e subsídios para a prática pedagógica e pesquisas escolares da educação básica.

Other Diasporas Website for the African community in Shanghai and China

Black Studies

The Museum of the African Diaspora (MoAD) is a San Francisco based nonprofit organization that was conceived as a cornerstone of the economic and cultural revitalization of downtown San Francisco. Since it opened in December 2005 MoAD has become an anchor with its neighbors, the San Francisco MoMA, the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Zeum, and the Contemporary Jewish Museum, in making this dynamic cultural corridor a premier cultural destination. As a dynamic, world class institution, MoAD brings people of all ages, ethnicities and backgrounds together so they can enjoy, study and appreciate, through enriching exhibitions, public and educational programs, the culture, history and art of people of African descent within the United States and throughout the world. MoAD is uniquely positioned as one of the only Museums in the world focused exclusively on African Diaspora culture and on presenting the rich cultural products of the people of Africa and of African descendant cultures across the globe.

Contributions in Black Studies: A Journal of African and Afro-American Studies (CIBS) was launched in 1977. Michael Thelwell of the Du Bois Department at UMass Amherst and Eugene Terry, at that time a faculty member at Hampshire College, served as the founding editors. CIBS was a Five College collaboration of Africana Studies scholars at UMass Amherst, Hampshire, Mount Holyoke, Amherst, and Smith Colleges. that lasted over two decades. The journal ceased publication in 1999.

Shadow and Act: A collective blog of writers, filmmakers, film critics and film enthusiasts, interested in discussing primarily film and filmmakers of the African Diaspora.

The Black Atlantic Website is a dedicated resource of research, knowledge and archive that helps the viewer to achieve an overview of the interdisciplinary that constructs the Black Atlantic discourse. It primarily focuses on the relevant material from the Black Atlantic project, covering music, performance including dance, the visual arts, films, texts including a series of lectures and seminars. The body of material includes an assortment of materials which has been collected at the HKW during the last 15 years of its programming and research on matters that pertain to the Black Atlantic discourse. It is an open source for the viewer to enter and search for the area which they find interesting or relevant. It invites the user within the process, of examining the various and different aspects of the theme, it even facilitates cross examinations of the material so it can be resolved as a virtual collage. is not only about passing knowledge or accumulated material but an attempt to allow the user to be an active participant in this engrossing discussion and a way of re-examining history and the contemporary condition.

The Harriet Tubman Institute for Research on the Global Migrations of African Peoples at York University is proud to be part of an international network of research centres committed to overcoming injustice and inequity as a result of slavery. Our leading-edge research focuses on the forced and voluntary movement of African peoples around the world. As a social innovator, the Institute’s mandate is to promote a greater understanding of the history of slavery and its legacy. The Institute fosters debate, informs public policy and strives to resolve current social injustices. Digital archiving technology enables the preservation of documents and other materials for easy access to historical records. The Institute is named for the spirit of Harriet Tubman, liberator of her people, feminist, and humanist (c.1820-1913).

UNESCO The Slave Route Project

Transition Online: Founded by Rajat Neogy in Uganda in 1961, Transition was Africa’s preeminent venue for cultural and political debate in the 1960s, literary home to the giants of African and black American writing. Today, Transition magazine is the premier international forum for the freshest and most compelling ideas about race and ethnicity, giving voice to a new generation of literary legends. Transition Online is a frequently updated compilation of various articles from Transition’s past that allows new readers to get an idea of what Transition is like.

African Diaspora Tourism (ADT) is an online magazine dedicated to exploring the culture, heritage, places and influences of people of African descent, past and present. The ADT web site highlights information on how people of color, living all over the world as a result of the transatlantic slave trade and modern-day migration, are continuously shaping the cultures of North, Central and South America, the Caribbean, Europe, as well as Africa.

The Global African Presence by Runoko Rashidi: Pan-African Articles about the global African diaspora

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