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See: Africa’s 100 Best Books of the 20th Century

African Writers by Country of Origin

This is a list of the African Literature that I have in my possession. It is not meant to be an exhaustive list of all African Writers. I should also note that not all African Literature is written by Blacks. Although most of the African Literature in my possession is written by Blacks, some of it is written by Africans of European, Middle Eastern, and South Asian descent.


See: North African Literature


Jose Eduardo Agualusa

My Father’s Wives (Novel)

If Nothing Else Helps Read Clarice (Short Story available online)

Jose Eduardo Agualusa’s Website

Maria Chela Chikueka

Angola Torchbearers (Memoir)

The Trail of My Life Journey (Autobiography)

Sousa Jamba

Patriots (Novel)

The Right Portugese Accent (Article available online)

Stubborn Isolation (Book Review available online)

Mozart in Angola, Love in Mozambique (Book Review available online)

Interview (2003) available online

Interview (2004) available online

Profile in Portuguese available online

Sousa Jamba’s Autoethnographic counter discourse in Patriots by Ana Margarida Dias Martins (academic essay available online)

Review of Sousa Jamba’s Novel A Lonely Devil available online


Good Morning Comrades (Novel) Excerpt from the novel available online

Dragonfly (Short Story available online)

Video Interview available online


The Return of the Water Spirit (Novel) Essay about the Novel

A dog in Luanda (Short Story available online)

Uanhenga Xitu

The World of “Mestre” Tamoda (Novel)

Tamoda the Master – A character in Angolan fiction by Luis Kandjimbo (article available online)


Paul Hazoume

Doguicimi (Novel in French)

Doguicimi (1938) roman de Paul Hazoume by M-C. Bernollin (article available online)

Paulin J. Hountondji

African Philosophy: Myth and Reality (Philosophy)

Knowledge of Africa, Knowledge of Africans: Two Perspectives on African Studies (Philosophical Essay available online)

Tradition, Hindrance or Inspiration (Essay available online)

Pour une pédagogie du changement (Essay in French available online)

Occidentalism, elitism : answer to two critiques (Essay available online)

Violence et langage (Essay available online)

Rashidah Ismaili Abubakr

Poems available online

Slightly autobiographical: the 1960s on the Lower East Side – Lower East Side Retrospective (Essay published in the African American Review available online)

West African Women in Exile: City, University and Dislocated Village (Essay published in Jenda: A Journal of Culture and African Women Studies available online)

Interview (2005) available online

Profile available online

Profile by The Woyingi Blogger available online

Jérôme Nouhouaï

Le piment des plus beaux jours (Novel in French)


Unity Dow

The Screaming of the Innocent (Novel)

Juggling Truths (Novel)

Far and Beyon’ (Novel)

Video Lecture available online

Audio Interview on BBC Woman’s Hour

Interview in Mmegi Online

Wame Molefhe

Love is Like Botswana Rain (Short Story)

Where is the rain? (Short Story)

Did you know Lebo? (Short Story)

Benjamin Segobaetso

My Exile is My Protest (Memoir)

“The victim speaks” : book launch by Aylmer dissident by Kate Aley (article available online)

Burkina Faso

Monique Ilboudo

Le Mal de peau (Novel in French)

Interview (1994) in French available online

Joseph Ki-Zerbo

Histoire de l’Afrique noire (History)

Oral Tradition as a historical source (Article available online)

The Historical Evolution of Education in French-Speaking Africa and the Question of Development (Essay available online)

Right Livelihood Award 1997 Acceptance Speech available online

Interview (1992) available online

Right Livelihood Award Profile available online

UNESCO Profile available online

Thomas Sankara

Thomas Sankara Speaks: The Burkina Faso Revolution 1983-1987 (Speeches and Interviews)

Website dedicated to the life and writings of  Thomas Sankara

Malidoma Some

The Healing Wisdom of Africa (Spirituality/New Age)

Interview (1993) available online

Interview (1995) available online

Interview (2005) available online

Interview (2007) available online

Video Interview (2008) available online

Interview (2010) available online

Malidoma Some’s Website

Sobonfu Some

The Spirit of Intimacy: Ancient African Teachings in The Ways of Relationships (Spirituality/New Age)

The Seen and the Unseen: Spirituality among the Dagara people (Article available online)

Interview available online

Interview (2004) available online

Interview (2004) in French available online

Sobonfu Some’s Website


Melchior Mbonimpa

La terre sans mal (Novel)

Esther Kamatari

Princesse des rugo (Memoir)


See: Cameroonian Literature

Cape Verde

Germano Almeida

The Last Will and Testament of Senhor da Silva Araujo (Novel)

The Best Seller (Short Story available online)

Central African Republic

Makombo Bamboté

Daba’s Travels: From Ouadda to Bangui (Novel, translated from the French)

Etienne Goyémidé

Le dernier survivant de la caravane (Novel)

Goyemide on Slavery: The Liberating Power of the Word by F. Ugochukwu (academic essay available online)


Nimrod Bena Djangrang

La jambe d’Alice (Novel in French)

Koulsy Lamko

On Exotic Man (Article available online)

Drumming Amazons: Ingoma Nshya (Article available online)

To Laokein B. (Poem available online)

Interview (2001) in English available online

Interview (2008) in English available online

Interview (2009) in French available online

Interview (2010) in French available online

Profile in French available online

Profile in French available online

Theatre and the Rwandan Genocide by Marie-Chantal Kalisa (essay available online)

Creative writing in the aftermath of the genocide in Rwanda: The project “Rwanda – Ecrire par devoir de mémoire” by M. Kopf (essay available online)

Website of The Sahel Opera Project

Joseph Brahim Seid

Told by Starlight in Chad (Stories)

Literary strains of négritude and consciencism in Joseph Brahim Seid: Envisioning nation and a new multicultural Chadian identity by K. Haire (essay available online)

Esaie Toingar

A Teenager in the Chad Civil War : A Memoir of Survival 1982-1986 (Memoir)


Nassur Attoumani

Mayotte: identité bafouée  (History in French)

Mon mari est plus qu’un fou, c’est un homme (Novel in French) Excerpt in French available online

Laisse-moi dormir (Song in French available online)

Nassur Attoumani: le violeur de  tabous by Mohamed Toihiri (article available online)

Toibibou Ali Mohamed

Les Comoriens de Zanzibar durant la « Révolution Okello » (1964-1972) : la xénophobie de la république (Essay in French available online)

Mohamed Toihiri

Le Kafir du Karthala (Novel in French) Excerpt in French available online

Video Interview (2011) available online

Profile available online

Le roman de Mohamed Toihiri : Entre témoignage et fiction by N. Ali Mhoumadi (thesis in French available online)


Sylvain Bemba

The Dark Room (Short Story)

77 sanglots pour nègrecongo (Short Story available online)

Emmanuel Dongala

Le feu des origines (Novel)

Johnny Chien Méchant (Novel)

Henri Lopes

The Laughing Cry (Novel)

Interview with Henri Lopes available online (1997)

Interview with Henri Lopes available online (2004)

La femme et sa lutte de libération dans l’oeuvre d’Henri Lopes by Patrick Kabeya Mwepu (essay available online)

Alain Mabanckou

African Psycho (Novel) Excerpt from the Novel available online

Alain Mabanckou’s Website (in French)

Tchicaya Missamou

In the Shadow of Freedom (Memoir with Travis Sentell)

Video Interview (2010) available online

Video Interview (2010) on CNN available online

Interview (2010) available online

Website for In the Shadow of Freedom

Boniface Mongo Mboussa

La littérature des Africains de France, de la “postcolonie” à l’immigration (Essay in French available online)

Les méandres de la mémoire dans la littérature africaine (Essay in French available online)

Écrire le métissage : Les personnages métis apparaissent dans la littérature africaine dès les années 1930 (Article available online)

Retour sur l’œuvre de Jean-Baptiste Tati-Loutard (Article in French available online)

Review of Beto na beto by Mambou Aimée Gnali available online

Interview (2002) in French available online

Interview (2010) in French available online

Video Interview in French available online

Tchicaya U Tam’si

The Madman and the Medusa (Novel)

The Belly Remains (Poem available online)

Sony Labou Tansi

Les sept solitudes de Lorsa Lopez (Novel)

La vie et demie (Novel)

Democratic Republic of Congo

Charles Didier Gondola

A History of the Congo (History)

Ô, Kisasa makambo ! Métamorphoses et représentations urbaines de Kinshasa à travers le discours musical des années 1950-1960 (Essay available online)

La sape des mikilistes : théâtre de l’artifice et représentation onirique (Essay available online)

Book Review of The African Stakes of the Congo War by J. Clark (Book Review available online)

Interview (2009) in French available online

Interview (2006) available online

Profile available online

Profile available online

Kisangani Emizet

The Massacre of Refugees in Congo: A Case of UN Peacekeeping Failure and International Law (Essay available online)

The Economics of Civil War: The Case of the Democratic Republic of Congo (Essay available online, written with Leonce Ndikumana)

Justine M’Poyo Kasa-Vubu

Douze mois chez Kabila (1997-1998) (Memoir)

Profile in English available online

Elikia M’Bokolo

L’Afrique et le XXe siecle : depossession, renaissance, incertitudes (Essay available online)

Le Gabon précolonial : étude sociale et économique (Essay available online)

Peste et société urbaine à Dakar : l’épidémie de 1914 (Essay available online)

La dimension africaine de la traite des Noirs (Article available online) English Translation available online

Historiens d’Afrique (Article available online)

Interview in French (1992) available online

Interview in French (2007) available online

Interview in English available online

Profile in French available online

Elikia M’Bokolo’s Website

Mémoire d’un continent (Podcast by Elikia M’Bokolo available online in French on Radio France International)

V. Y. Mudimbe

Before the Birth of the Moon (Novel) The Woyingi Blogger’s Review

Entre les eaux (Novel)

The Invention of Africa (Philosophy)

Excerpt from the Novel Shaba-Deux available online

An African Practice of Philosophy: A Personal Testimony (Essay available online)

What is a Line? On paradoxes about allegories of identity and alterity (Essay available online)

V. Y. Mudimbe: Réflexion sur les sciences humaines et sociales en Afrique by Justin Kalulu Bisanswa (essay available online)

Salikoko S. Mufwene

Globalization, Global English, and World English(es): Myths and Facts (Essay available online)

Globalization and the spread of English: what does it mean to be Anglophone? (Essay available online)

The Indigenization of English in North America (Essay available online)

Colonization, Globalization and Language Vitality in Africa: An Introduction (Essay available online)

Kituba, Kileta, or Kikongo? What’s in a Name? (Essay available online)

Myths of Globalization: What African Demolinguistics Reveals (Essay available online)

Race, Racialism, and the Study of Language Evolution in America (Essay available online)

How Languages Die (Essay available online)

The Linguistic Significance of African Proper Names in Gullah (Essay available online)

Contact Languages in the Bantu Area (Article available online)

Ebonics Or African-American English: What’s In A Name And Can School Systems Ignore It? (Article available online)

Ebonics and Standard English in the Classroom (Article available online)

Interview (2005) available online

S. Mufwene’s Website

Léonce Ndikumana

The Economics of Civil War: The Case of the Democratic Republic of Congo (Essay available online, written with K. Emizet)

Congo’s Odious Debt: External Borrowing and Capital Flight in Zaire (Essay available online, written with J. Boyce)

New Estimates of Capital Flight from Sub-Saharan African Countries: Linkages with External Borrowing and Policy Options (Essay available online, written with James Boyce)

Is Africa a Net Creditor? New Estimates of Capital Flight from Severely Indebted Sub-Saharan African Countries, 1970-1996 (Essay available online, written with James Boyce)

Public Debts and Private Assets: Explaining Capital Flight from Sub-Saharan African Countries (Essay available online, written with James Boyce)

Africa’s Debt: Who Owes Whom? (Essay available online, written with James Boyce) 

Interview (2007) available online

Fungula Fumu Ngondji

The Kongo of My Ancestors (Memoir)

Le choix entre: Kabila et Bemba ou entre Gizenga et Tshisekedi? (Article available online)

César Nkuku Khonde

A Oral History of HIV/AIDS in the Congo (Essay available online)

Enquête socio-économique des ménages à Lubumbashi (2002) (Essay in French, written with M. Remon, available online)

Georges Nzongola-Ntalaja

The Congo From Leopold to Kabila: A People’s History (History)

The Role of Intellectuals in the Struggle for Democracy, Peace and Reconstruction in Africa (Essay available online)

From Zaire to the Democratic Republic of Congo (Essay available online)

Citizenship, Political Violence, and Democratization in Africa (Article available online)

The U.S. State Department’s Africa Bureau at 50 (Article available online)

Interview (2006) available online

Lomami Tchibamba

Ngando (Short Stories)

L’analyse du thème la colonisation dans les œuvres littéraires Ngemena de Paul Lomami Tchibamba et La Malédiction de Pius Ngandu Nkashama by A. Mukenge (essay in French available online)

Legitimizing the invented Congolese space: The gaze from within in early Congolese fiction by Kasongo M. Kapanga (essay available online)

Tshimanga wa Tshibangu

Histoire du Zaire (History)

Ernest Wamba dia Wamba

Experiences of Democracy in Africa: Reflections on Practices of Communalist Palaver as a Social Method of Resolving Contradictions among the People (Essay available online)  Alternate Link

Le Leadership et la stabilité politique en Republique Democratique du Congo (Essay in French available online)

Mobutuisme apres Mobutu : Reflections on the Current Situation in Former Zaire (Essay available online)

DRC: Globalization, War and the Struggle for Freedom (Article available online)

Africa in Search of a New Mode of Politics (Essay available online)

The Place of Pan-Africanism in World History (Essay available online)

Philosophy and African Intellectuals (Essay available online)

Beyond Elite Politics of Democracy in Africa (Essay available online)

A propos de l’essai de Sanya Osha (Article available online)

Interview with IRIN available online

Interview (2003) available online

Interview (2004) with the University of Berkeley available online

Interview (2004) available online

Interview (2008) by Firoze Manji available online Alternate Link

Interview (2008) by M. Majavu available online

Profile available online

Mayombo saved my life – Prof. Wamba by Emmy Allio (article available online)

Carve Up the Congo by C. Braeckman (article available online)


Mouna-Hodan Ahmed

Les enfants de khat (Novel in French) Review in English available online

Abdourahman A. Waberi

Le Pays Sans Ombre (Short Stories)

Cahier Nomade (Short Stories)

Rwanda: The Flame of Hope (Essay available online)

The Two Tracks of My Life (Self-Portrait available online)

Abdourahman Waberi’s Website


See: Egyptian Literature


See: Eritrean Literature


See: Ethiopian Literature

Equatorial Guinea

Maria Nsue Angue

Ekomo (Novel)

Rethinking Ekomo by Maria Nsue Angue: An Equatoguinean Challenge To Spanishness by A. Mester (essay available online)

Donato Ndongo

Shadows of Your Black Memory (Novel)

The Dream (Short Story available as an audio file online)

Una Nueva Realidad: Los Afro-Espanoles (Essay in Spanish available online)

A Platform for Change: Donato Ngondo and Mundo Negro by A. Markey (essay available online)

A Kiss of Death: The Perils of Migration in Donato Ngondo’s El Metro by Maurice Frank O’Connor (essay available online)


Daniel Mengara

Mema (Novel)

Political Profile of  Mengara available online

Andre Raponda Walker

Contes gabonais (Folktale Collection)

Audio Documentary about Raponda Walker available in French online

Maurice Briault, André Raponda Walker, and the Value of Missionary Anthropology in Colonial Gabon by J. Rich (academic essay available online)

Angele Rawiri

Fureurs et cris de femmes (Novel in French)

Obituary in French available online


Dayo Forster

Reading the Ceiling (Novel)

Marbles and Ballot Boxes (article available online)

Profile by The Woyingi Blogger

Dayo Forster’s Website

Mbye (Mbaye) Cham

Official History, Popular Memory: Reconfiguration of the African Past in the Films of Ousmane Sembene (Essay available online)

African Cinema in the Nineties (Essay available online)

Film And History In Africa: A Critical Survey of Current Trends and Tendancies (Essay available online)

Film Text and Context: Reweaving Africa’s Social Fabric Through Its Contemporary Cinema (Article available online)

Forward to Sisters of the Screen: Women of Africa on Film, Video and Television, Africa World Press, 2000 (Article available online)

Lenrie Peters

Satellites (Poems)

Lamin Sanneh

Shari’ah Sanctions as Secular Grace? A Nigerian Islamic Debate and an Intellectual Response (Essay available online)

Muslim-Christian Encounters: Governments under God (Essay available online)

Rusdhie’s Moral Hegira (Book Review available online)

Is Obama’s Interpretation of History, Scripture Elusive? (Article available online)

The Fall of Constantinople and the Fall of the Twin Towers:The Muslim World and the West (Speech available online)

Pluralism and Christian Commitment (Article available online)

Faith and the Secular State (Article available online)

Naming and the Act of Faith (II Tim. 1:5) (Article available online)

Do Muslims and Christians Worship the Same God? (Article available online)

Global Christianity and the Re-education of the West (Article available online)

Christian Missions and the Western Guilt Complex (Article available online)

Between East and West: Confrontation and Encounter (Book Review available online)

Particularity, Pluralism and Commitment (Article available online)

Tales of Miraculous Healing (Luke 17:19) (Article available online)

The Spirit in Sound Doctrine (Article available online)

The Dedication of the Nagel Institute for the Study of World Christianity (Speech available online)

Interview (2003) in Christianity Today available online


See: Ghanaian Literature


Boubacar Barry

Sénégambie: plaidoyer pour une histoire regionale (Essay available in French online) English Translation available online

Interview (2010) in French available online

Alioum Fantouré

Tropical Circle (Novel translated from French)

Profile in French available online

Camara Laye

L’enfant noir (Novel)

The Radiance of the King (Novel, translated from the French by English Poet James Kirkup)  Introduction to the novel by Toni Morrison available online

The Guardian of the World (Folktales)

The Power, Symbolism and Extension of the Mother in L’enfant noir by Deborah Weagel (academic essay available online)

The Literary Translator and the Concept of Fidelity: Kirkup’s Translation of  Camara Laye’s L’enfant noir as a Case Study by Kolawole and Salawu (academic essay available online)

Perception of the relationship France–Africa by André Gide and Camara Laye by Anny Wynchank (essay available online)

Review of Adele King’s book “Rereading Camara Laye” available online

Tierno Monénembo

The Oldest Orphan (Novel)

Le roi de Kahel (Novel)

Peuls (Novel) Description of  Peuls available in English online

Poétique de la rumeur: l’exemple de Tierno Monénembo (academic essay available in French online)

Willams Sassine

Mémoire d’une peau (Novel)

Le jeune homme de sable (Novel)

An interview with Sassine in French (1999) available online

A hommage to Sassine by Makhily Gassama available online


Amilcar Cabral

Unity and Struggle (Speeches and Writings)

The Weapon of Theory (1966) (Political Speech available online)

National Liberation and Culture (1970) (Political Speech available online)

Amilcar Cabral’s theory of class suicide and revolutionary socialism by Tom Meisenhelder (1993) (Academic Essay available online)

Amilcar Cabral: an extraction from the literature (1998) (Academic Essay available online)

Critical Reflection on Amilcar Cabral’s Criteria for Citizenship by Victor Alumona (Academic Esssay available online)

Amilcar Cabral’s Vision of Diplomacy by Carmen Neto (Essay available online)

Portrait of Cabral by Ana Maria Cabral

Cabral’s Speeches and Writings available online in Portugese

Ivory Coast

Tanella Boni

Les baigneurs du lac Rose (Novel)

Interview in French (2009) available online

Tanella Boni’s Website

Bernard Dadié

Climbie (Novel)

Le pagne noir (Short Stories)

Dry Your Tears Africa (Poem available in English online)

Je vous remercie mon Dieu (Poem available online)

Ahmadou Kourouma

Allah n’est pas obligé (Novel) Excerpt available online

Les soleils des independances (Novel)

Interview by Boniface Mongo-Mboussa (1998) available online

Interview (1999) available online

Véronique Tadjo

L’ombre d’Imana (Memoir)

Mamy Wata and the monster (Children’s Book)

Writing and Its Mis/Fortunes: How I write Where I Write (Article available online)

Interview available online

Veronique Tadjo’s Website


See: Kenyan Literature


Thomas Mofolo

Traveller to the East (Novel)

Chaka (Novel)

Thomas Mofolo’s “Chaka” and African Theology by C.F. Hallencreutz (essay available online)

Thomas Mofolo and Ayi Kwei Armah: The Bankruptcy of the Warrior Tradition and the Quest for a Legacy of African Intellectual Heroism by B. Riche (essay available online)

The Transculturation of Thomas Mofolo’s Chaka: Southern Africa and Francophone Africa in Dialogue by Ellas Alexia Vassilatos (essay available online)

Literary Portraits of Chaka: Thomas Mofolo and Mazisi Kunene by C. A. Bodunde (essay available online)

Relire Chaka : Thomas Mofolo, ou les oublis de la mémoire francaise by A. Gerard (essay available online)

The Works of Thomas Mofolo: Summaries and Critiques by Daniel P. Kunene (essay available online)

Mpho ‘M’atsepo Nthunya

Singing Away the Hunger (Memoir)


Helene Cooper

The House at Sugar Beach (Memoir)

In Search of Lost Africa (Essay available online)

NPR Audio Interview  available online

Interview with Tavis Smiley available online

Augustine Konneh

Religion, Commerce, and the Integration of the Mandingo in Liberia (History)

Women and Politics in Africa: The Case of Liberia (Essay available online)

China’s Practices in Development (Speech available online)

A small school gets a big punishment by S. Wieburg (article in USA Today about Konneh’s removal as a soccer coach at Morehouse College)

Bai T. Moore

Murder in the Cassava Patch (Short Story available online)

Tribute by W. Sankawulo available online

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

This Child Will Be Great (Memoir) Excerpt available online

Nobel Prize Lecture available online

Video Interview (2010) available online

Independent Lens Profile available online

Guardian Profile available online

Joseph J. Walters

Guanya Pau: A Story of an African Princess (Novel

Website of Sea Breeze: Journal of Contemporay Liberian Writing


See: North African Literature


Jean-Joseph Rabearivelo

Traduit de la nuit (Poetry Collection in French available online)

Presque-Songes (Poetry Collection in French available online)

Profile in English available online

L’épreuve de l’étranger La dialectique du propre chez J. -J. Rabearivelo, F. Ranaivo et J. Rabemananjara by S. Meitinger (article available online)

Charlotte-Arrisoa Rafenomanjato

The Herd (Play translated from French)

Profile in French available online

A Feminist Touch in The Scarlet Petal and The Scarlet Letter by D. H. Ralibera (essay available online)

Charlotte Rafenomanjato’s Le Pétale Ecarlate: a Literary Representation of Hybridity by Z. Rakotoniera (essay available online)


Nour, 1947 (Novel)

The President and the Prophet (Play translated from French)

Exile (Essay in English available online)

Open Letter to Nicolas Sarkozy (2007) (article available in French online)

Profile in English available online

Johary Ravaloson

Antananarivo (Short Story in French available online)

Island of Instability (Article in English available online)

Video Interview (2008) in French available online

Johary Ravaloson’s Blog


Aubrey Kachingwe

No Easy Task (Novel)

William Kamkwamba

The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind (Memoir with Bryan Mealer)

Video Lecture available online

William Kamkwamba on TED

BBC News Profile available online

Profile available online

William Kamkwamba’s Blog

Moving Windmills Project Website

Jack Mapanje

Gathering Seaweed: African Prison Writing (Editor, Collection)

Three Poems available online

Interview (2000) available online

Interview (2007) available online

Profile available online

Profile from International Pen available online

Subverting Banda’s Dictatorship in Malawi: Orality as Counter-Discourse in Jack Mapanje’s Of Chameleons and Gods by Reuben Makayiko Chirambo (essay available online)

Saying Change in Malawi: Resistance and the Voices of Jack Mapanje and Lucius Banda by D. Jefferess (essay available online)

Thandika Mkandawire

Our Continent, our Future: African Perspectives on Structural Adjustment (Written with C. Soludo, Text available online)

Social Policy and Human Development (Essay available online)

Targeting and Universalism in Developing Countries (Essay available online)

On Tax Efforts and Colonial Heritage in Africa (Essay available online)

Institutional Monocroping and Monotasking In Africa (Essay available online)

Thinking About Developmental States in Africa (Essay available online)

Keynote Speech (2006) available online

Audio Lecture (2010) available online

Video Interview available online

George Simeon Mwase

Strike a Blow and Die: A Narrative of Race Relations in Colonial Africa (History, edited by Robert Rotberg)

John Chilembwe: Brief Life of an anti-colonial rebely by Robert Rotberg (article available online)

David Rubadiri

Begging Aid (Poem available online)

Stanley Meets Mutesa (Poem available online)

African Thunderstorm (Poem available online)

Profile available online

Paul Tiyambe Zeleza

The Joys of Exile: Stories (Short Stories)

Smouldering Charcoal (Novel)

Contemporary African Migrations in a Global Context: Towards Building the  Black Atlantic (Academic Essay available online)

The Inventions of African Identities and Languages: The Discursive and Developmental Implications (Acadmic Essay available online)

In Search of the Diaspora: A Personal and Intellectual Odyssey (Essay available online)

The Zeleza Post (Website on PanAfrican Affairs edited by Paul Zeleza)

Nine Malawian Plays edited by James Gibbs (includes two plays by James Ng’ombe)


Massa Makan Diabaté

Le boucher de Kouta (Novel)

Amadou Hampaté Ba

L’étrange destin de Wangrin (Novel)

Oui Mon Commandant! (Memoir)

Vie et enseignement de Tierno Bokar (Biography)

Website of the play directed by Peter Brook based on the life of Tierno Bokar

Excerpt of Ba’s  Aspects of African Civilization available online in English

UNESCO Profile available online

Moussa Konaté

L’empreinte du renard (Novel)

Yambo Ouologuem

Bound to Violence (Novel) Excerpt available online

Online Review of a biography of  Ouologuem written by Professor  Christopher Wise entitled Yambo Ouologuem: Postcolonial Writer, Islamic Militant

Interview with Ouologuem (1971) available online

Blog dedicated to Ouologumen created by his daughter

Article about the republication of  Bound to Violence

L’idéologie du “topicalisme” thématique dans les romans africains : de Yambo Ouologuem à Calixthe Beyala by Kasongo M. Kapanga (essay available online)

Oral, Literary and Historic Echoes from the novel Bound to Violence, an online essay by Sierra Leonean Arthur Smith

Manthia Diawara

We Won’t Budge (Memoir) Preface available online, excerpt available online

In Search of Africa (Memoir) Excerpt available online

Englishness and Blackness: Cricket as Discourse on Colonialism (Essay available online)

Pan-Africanism and Pedagogy (Essay available online)

The Blackface Stereotype (Essay available online)

The 1960’s in Bamako (essay by Diawara about the photography of Malick Sidibé available online) alternate link

Tritube to James Brown Video Lecture available online

Obituary written by Diawara about Malian photographer Seydou Keita


Mohamed Baba

Bilal (Novel in French)

Interview (2005) in French available online

Moussa Diagana

The Legend of Wagadu as seen by Sia Yatabere (Play translated from the French)

Interview in French available online

Mbarek Ould Beyrouk

Et Le Ciel a oublié de pleuvoir (Novel in French)

Moussa Ould Ebnou

L’amour impossible (Novel in French)

Barzakh (Novel in French)

The treasures in Mauritania’s dunes (Article in English available online) Link to article in French availble online

Enquête sur la littérature mauritanienne : formes et perspectives by Georges Voisset (article available online)


Edouard J. Maunick

A Black Mauritanian Poet Speaks (Essay available online)

Fragments for a private iconography of the sea (Article available online)

Death, where is thy sting? (Article available online)

Solstice islands (Poem available online)

Islands in majesty: Nobel Prizewinner Derek Walcott (Profile available online)

Le morne, en toutes lettres (Poem in French available online) English version  available online

UNESCO Profile available online

Profile in French available online

Keeping an island vibe in London (article about Maunick’s son available online)

Shenaz Patel

Le silence des Chagos (Novel)

Website of Promoting Mauritian Literature in English, French and Mauritian Kreol


See: North African Literature


Mia Couto

Sleepwalking Land (Novel)

The Old Man with Garden at the Rear End of Time (Short Story available online)

Grandma’s blood is staining the carpet (Short Story available online)

Lilia Momplé

Neighbours: The Story of a Murder

Untitled (Poem available online)

Alcinda Honwana

Child Soldiers in Africa (Social Science)

Culture and Politics: War, Reconciliation and Citizenship in Mozambique (Article available online)

Negociating Post War Identities: Child Soldiers in Mozambique and Angola (Article available online)

Sealing the past, facing the future: trauma healing in rural Mozambique (Article available online)

Reintegration of Youth into Society in the Aftermath of War (Article available online)

Interview (2007) in Dutch available online

Luis Bernardo Honwana

We Killed Mangy-Dog (Short Stories)

Lina Magaia

Dumba Nengue: Run for Your Life: Peasant Tales of Tragedy in Mozambique (Memoir)

Eduardo Mondlane

The Struggle for Mozambique (Memoir)


Neshani Andreas

The Purple Violet of  Oshaantu (Novel)

Interview available online

Profile by The Woyingi Blogger

Ellen Ndeshi Namhila

Filling the Gaps in the Archival Record of the Namibian Struggle for Independence (Essay available online)

The African Perspective: Memory of the World (Essay available online)

Profile available online

Review of Tears of Courage: Five Mothers, Five Stories, One Victory available online

John Ya-Otto

Battlefront Namibia (Memoir)

Obituary from The Independent available online


Ousseina Alidou

Engaging Modernity: Muslim Women and the Politics of Agency in Postcolonial Niger (Women’s Studies)

A “Cinderella” tale in the Hausa Muslim women’s imagination”  (Academic Essay available online)

Profile available online

Abdoulaye Mamani

Sarraounia (Novel)

Profile available online

Profile in French available online

Sarraounia et ses intertextes: identite, intertextualite et emergence litteraire by Antoinette Tidjani Alou (essay available online)


See: Nigerian Literature


See: Rwandan Literature

Sao Tome e Principe

Alda do Espírito Santo

Where are the men seized in this wind of madness? (Poem)

Independecia Total (National Anthem of Sao Tome in Portugese available online)

Poems in Portuguese available online

Poems in Portuguese available online

Poem in Portuguese available online

Profile in English available online

Profile by The Woyingi Blogger

Une Africaine mère de la nation : Alda de Espirito Santo par Elikia M’Bokolo (article in French available online)

Maria Manuela Margarido

Landscape (Poem in English available online)

You Who Occupy Our Land (Poem)

Socope (Poem)

Roca (Poem)

Memória da Ilha do Príncipe (Poem in Portuguese available online)

Poems in Portuguese available online

Poems available online

Obituary in Portuguese available online

Profile in Portuguese available online


See: Senegalese Literature


Antoine Abel

Coco Sec (Novel in French)

Your Country (Poem translated into English available online)

Obituary in English available online

African Writer Profile by The Woyingi Blog

Plaidoyer pour une réhabilitation d’Antoine Abel aux Seychelle by Christophe Cassiau-Haurie (article in French available online)

James R. Mancham

War on America Seen from the Indian Ocean (Memoir)

James R. Mancham’s Website

Sierra Leone

Ismael Beah

A Long Way Gone (Memoir)

When Good Comes From Bad (Article available online)

Interview (2008) available online

The Fog of Memoir: The Feud over the Truthfulness of Ismael Beah’s A Long Way Gone by G. Sherman (article available online)

Website for Beah’s Long Way Gone

William Conton

The African (Novel) Excerpt available online

Orishatuke Faduma

The Defects of the Negro Church (Religious Text available online)

A West African at Yale Divinity School by M. N. Moore Jr. and Y. Smith (biographical essay available online)

Aminatta Forna

Ancestor Stones (Novel)  Excerpt available online

The Devil That Danced on the Water (Memoir)  Excerpt available online

The Puppet Master’s Strings (Article available online)

Aminatta Forna’s Website

Mariatu Kamara

The Bite of the Mango (Memoir written with Susan McClelland)

Website of the Mariatu Foundation


See: Somali Literature

South Africa

See: South African Literature

South Sudan

See: Sudanese Literature


See: Sudanese Literature


J.S.M Matsebula

The King’s Eye (Memoir)

Sarah Mkhonza

Weeding the Flowerbeds (Novel)

What the Future Holds (Novel) The Woyingi Blogger’s Review

The Hands that Hold the Urn Now (Short Story available online)

Excerpt from her story “Eyes are moving” available online

My story is on the leaves (Poem available online)

The Sunday Emergency (Poem available online)

Interview (2006) available online

Audio Interview (2008) available online

Profile available online

Profile by The Woyingi Blogger


Adam Shafi Adam

Les Girofliers de Zanzibar (Novel)

Abdulrazak Gurnah

Admiring Silence (Novel)

Paradise (Novel)

Desertion (Novel)

Writing and Place (Essay available online)

Aniceti Kitereza

Mr. Myombekere and his Wife Bugonoka, Their Son Ntulanalwo and Daughter Bulihwali (Novel)

Martin Mhando

Participatory Video Production in Tanzania: An ideal or wishful thinking? (Essay available online)

Approaches to African Cinema (Essay available online)

Globalization and African Cinema: Distribution And Reception In The Anglophone Region (Essay available online)

Salaam Cinema: Unlikely Journey in Documentary (Essay available online, written with A. Traverso)

Video Interview (2010) available online

Wikipedia Page about Mhando’s film Maangamizi: The Ancient One

Sophia Mustafa

The Tanganyika Way (Memoir)

Everlyn Nicodemus

Carrying the Sun on our Backs (Essay available online)

The Black Atlantic and the Paradigm Shift in Modern Africa (Essay available online)

Julius Nyerere

Freedom and Development: Writings and Speeches 1968-1973 (Politics)

Good Governance for Africa (Speech available online)

Adult Education and Development (Speech available online)

Leadership and the Management of Change (Speech available online)

Interview (1996) with PBS available online

Interview (1999) available online

Selection of Nyerere Quotes available online

Obituary from The Guardian available online

Julius Nyerere: The Theory and Practice of (Un)Democratic Socialism in Africa by John S. Saul (academic essay available online)

Julius Nyerere: The Intellectual Pan-Africanist and the Question of African Unity by D. M. Chacha (academic essay available online)

Mwalimu Julius Nyerere: An Intellectual In Power by Haroub Othman (academic lecture available online)

Aspects of Nyerere’s Political Philosophy: A Study in the Dynamics of African Political Thought by A. H. Che-Mponda (academic essay available online)

Nyerere and I by Ali Mazrui (article avalable online)

Website dedicated to the life and work of Julius Nyerere

Emily Ruete, Princess Salme of Zanzibar and Oman

Memoirs of an Arabian Princesss from Zanzibar (Memoir available online)

Tepilit Ole Saitoti

The Worlds of a Maasai Warrior (Autobiography) Excerpt available online

A Maasai Looks at Ecology in Maasailand (Essay available online)

Sophie Yohani

Challenges and Opportunities for Educational Cultural Brokers in Facilitating the School Adaptation of Refugee Children (Academic Essay available online)

Inspiring Hope and Resilience (Speech available online)

Exploring Hope: A Journey with Tanzanian Adolescents in a School Setting (Academic Essay available online)

Psychologists working with immigrants and refugees: A reflection on language, culture, and the pre-migration experience (Article available online)


Josué Kossi Efoui

The Crossroads (Play translated from French)

Interview (2011) in French available online

Profile in English available online

Fauziya Kassindja

Do They Hear You When You Cry? (Memoir, written with Layli Miller Bashir)

Interview with PBS available online

Roots of Exile: Refugee’s Body Intact But Family Torn Apart by The New York Times (article available online)

Tété-Michel Kpomassie

An African in Greenland (Memoir, translated by James Kirkup) Introduction to the memoir by A. Alvarez available online

Sénouvo Agbota Zinsou

Yevi’s Adventures in Monsterland (Play translated from French)

The Singing Tortoise (Play translated from French)

Sur La Crise Ivoirienne (Article in French available online)

Le embarras de Gil (Article in French available online)

Interview (2007) in German available online

Profile in French available online


See: North African Literature


See: Ugandan Literature


Ellen Banda-Aaku

Munshi Ya Bed (Short Story available online)

Yours Faithfully, Yogi (Short Story available online)

Ngomwa (Short Story)

Lost (Short Story)

Banda-Aaku’s Website 

Malama Katulwende

Bitterness (Novel)

Kenneth Kaunda

Letter to My Children (Memoir)

African Development and Foreign Aid (1966 Speech available online)

Africa has paid its dues many times (Article in The New Statesman available online)

Kaunda on Mugabe (Article available online)

Binwell Sinyangwe

A Cowrie of Hope (Novel)


See: Zimbabwean Literature

4 Responses

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  1. KP Subedi said, on February 4, 2011 at 8:42 pm

    Dear sir,
    I am a teacher in a public college (RR College, Kathmandu) and teach literature to undergrads. Can you plesae give me some idea about Henri Lopes’s story ‘The Advance’.
    If possible mail me the text of the story.
    Hoping for positive response.
    KP Subedi

    • the woyingi blogger said, on February 6, 2011 at 5:19 am


      My name is Chelby Marie Daigle and I am the creator of The Woyingi Blog.

      I do not possess a copy of The Advance by Henri Lopes. Is there a particular reason why you want this text?

      Henri Lopes writes in French so any copy of The Advance that you find would be a translation.

      You might prefer to work with an original English text.
      There are many short stories by well respected African Writers available online. I could recommend some if you explain what type of story you are looking for.

      I would have sent this message via e-mail but your e-mail did not work.

      • Audrey Destandau said, on April 25, 2012 at 3:21 pm

        Dear Chelby,

        You are missing the Golden Baobab Prize as part of your list of literary award for African writers! The Golden Baobab is the only pan-African prize for African writers of unpublished children’s stories.

        Submission guidelines can be found here:

        Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like more details and we would appreciate if you wrote about the prize in your blog!

        Many thanks.

  2. […] Woyingi, shares her telling story of a being a child of the Diaspora, and of the importance that African literature has had for her. Woyingi also offers an extensive but carefully curated selection of links and […]

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