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Literature from the Black African Diaspora

This is a list of Literature from the Black African Diaspora that I have in my possession. It is not meant to be an exhaustive list of all Black Diasporic Writers.

David Austin (Canada)

A View for Freedom: Alfie Roberts Speaks on the Caribbean, Cricket, Montreal, and C. L. R. James (Interviews)

Global Nationalisms: The Montreal Congress of Black Writers and the Case of  Caribbean International Opinion (Essay available online)

Education and Liberation (Essay available online)

Oh Canada (Article available online)

Franz Fanon’s Diagnosis (Article available online)

Audio Interview (2010) available online

Interview (2010) available online

You Don’t Play with Revolution: The Montreal Lectures of C.L.R. James (Editor of James’ Lectures)

Malcom Azania/Minister Faust (Canada)

The Coyote Kings of the Space-Age Bachelor Pad (Novel)

Interview (2010) available online

Minister Faust’s Website

Sandrine Bessora Nan Nguema (Gabon/France)

Petroleum (Novel in French)

Profile available online

Bessora: an authentic immigrant voice from France (article available online)

Bessora’s Website

Sylviane Diouf (France/United States)

Fighting the Slave Trade: West African Strategies (Editor, History)

Sylviane Diouf’s Website 

George Elliot Clarke (Canada)

Whylah Falls (Play)

Beatrice Chancy (Play)

George and Rue (Novel)

Must Blackness be American?: Locating Canada in Borden’s “Tightrope Time”, or Nationalizing Gilroy’s The Black Atlantic  (Essay available online)

Treason of the Black Intellectuals? (Essay available online)

Let Us Compare Anthologies: Harmonizing the Founding African-Canadian and Italian-Canadian Literary Collections  (Essay available online)

Multiculturalism and its Usual Discontents  (Essay available online)

Cool Politics: Styles in Honor of Malcolm X and Miles Davis (Essay available online)

Poems available online

Interview (2001) available online

Profile by The Writers’ Federation of Nova Scotia

An Unimpoverished Style: The Poetry of George Elliot Clarke by M. T. Travis (essay available online)

Blackening English: The Polyphonic Poetics of George Elliot Clarke by J. Fiorentino (essay available online)

Esi Edugyan (Ghana/Canada)

The Second Life of Samuel Tyne (Novel)

The Mosque at Larabanga (Short Story available online)

Interview (2005) available online

Esi Edugyan’s Website

Bernadine Evaristo (Britain)Blonde Roots (Novel) Penguin Reading Guide available online

The Emperor’s New Babe (Novel) (Short Story available online)

The Betrothal (Poem available online)

Interview available online

Interview (2002) available online

Interview (2008) available online

Interview (2008) in The Guardian available online

Bernadine Evaristo’s Old Blog

Bernadine Evaristo’s New Blog

Truman Green (Canada)

A Credit to Your Race (Novel)

Fil Fraser (Canada)

How the Blacks Created Canada (History)

Profile from Frontenac House available online

Profile available online

Description of Fraser’s book Running Uphill: The Fast, Short Life of Canadian Champion Harry Jerome available online

Fil Fraser’s Website

Aracelis Girmay (United States/Eritrea)

Teeth (Poetry)

Snail, or To a House (Poem available online)

Teeth (Poem available online)

Here (Poem available online)

Selected Poems available online

Three Poems available online

Profile available online

Daniel G. Hill (United States/Canada)

Negroes in Toronto: a sociological study of a minority group (Thesis available online)

The Freedom Seekers: Blacks in Early Canada (History)

CBC 1979 Audio Clip of Hill discussing the Underground Railroad available online

Government of Ontario Profile available online

Obituary available online

Lawrence Hill (Canada)

The Book of Negroes (Novel)

Any Known Blood (Novel)

Some Great Thing (Novel)

Black Berry, Sweet Juice (Memoir)

Is Africa’s Pain Black America’s Burden? (Essay available online) Alternate Link

Black plus White equals Black (Article available online)

Interview about Some Great Thing available online

Interview (2010) available online

Lawrence Hill’s Website

Carl James (Canada)

Race and Well-Being: The Lives, Hopes, and Activism of African Canadians (Social Studies) Except available online

Video Interview (2006) available online

Profile available online

Jackie Kay (Scotland)

The Trumpet (Novel)

Red Dust Road (Memoir)

Physics and Chemistry (Short Story available online)

My Daughter, The Fox (Short Story available online)

Burns is alive and kicking, 250 years after his birth (Article available online)

The old man: A voyage around our fathers (Article available online)

The sins of my father (Article available online)

Darling (Poem available online)

Interview (2002) available online

Interview (2007) available online

Interview (2009) available online

Interview (2009) about Nigerian father

Interview about Kay’s book Trumpet available online

Interview available online

Adoption and reconstitution of lives: Jackie Kay’s “The Adoption Papers” by S. Toplu (academic essay available online)

Resistance and Reinvention of the subject in Jackie Kay’s Trumpet by L. Gulcur (academic essay available online)

Jackie Kay’s Representation of “The Broons”: Scotland’s Happy Family by M. Maturana (academic essay available online)

Yelena Khanga (Russia/United States/Tanzania)

Soul to Soul: The Story of a Black Russian American Family 1865-1992 (Memoir written with Susan Jacoby)

Interview (2009) available online

Lesley Lokko (Ghana/Britain/United States)

Bitter Chocolate (Novel)

Interview (2008) available online

Audio Interview (2008) with BBC Women’s Hour available online

Interview (2009) available online

Lesley Lokko’s Website

Hans Massaquoi (Germany/United States)

Destined to Witness: Growing up Black in Nazi Germany (Memoir)

The new racism (Article available online)

Profile available online

Profile in The Atlantic Times available online

Neger, Neger Schornsteinfeger: German Filmwith English Subtitles based on Massaquoi’s Memoir (Clips available online)

Hans J. Massaquoi’s Destined to Witness as an Autobiographical Act of Identity Formation by Alexandra E. Lindhout (article available online)

Whoopi Goldberg Buys Rights To Black Memoir On Nazi Germany, `Destined To Witness’ (article available online)

Profile of Massaquoi’s Grandfather Momolu Massaquoi, the first African diplomat available online

Andrew Moodie (Canada)

The Real McCoy (Play)

Profile available online

Masani Montague (Britain/Canada)

Dread Culture: A Rastawoman’s Story (Novel)

Masani Montague’s Website

Peter J. Paris (Canada)

Moral Theater in the Streets: The Role of Suffering in the Quest for Social Justice (Essay available online)

The Voluntary Principle and the Search for Racial Justice (Essay available online)

Reflections on Recent South African Theological Writings (Essay available online)

Expanding and Enhancing the Moral Communities: The Task of Christian Social Ethics (Essay available online)

Minister as Prophet (Essay available online)

A Meditation on Love (Essay available online)

The Relationships Among Historic African Canadians and Recent Immigrants from Caribbean and Africa (Lecture available online)

The Problem of Racism (Lecture available online)

The Problem of Identity (Lecture available online)

History in the Making: Religion, Race and Gender in the Presidential Election (Article available online)

Unfinished Business (Article available online)

Alexander Pushkin (Russia)

Peter the Great’s Negro (Text available online, translated from Russian)

The Pushkin Genealogy (PBS Webpage)

Jean Muteba Rahier (Democratic Republic of Congo/ Belgium)

Blackness, the Racial/Spatial Order, Migrations and Miss Ecuador (Essay available online)

M´etis/Mulˆatre, Mulato, Mulatto, Negro, Moreno, Mundele, Kaki, Black: The Wanderings and Meanderings of Identities (Essay available online)

The Microphysics of Colonial Power: Violence, Intimacy, and Sexuality in Belgian Colonial Literature (Essay available online)

Race, Fútbol, and the Ecuadorian Nation: the Ideological Biology of (Non-)Citizenship (Essay available online)

Ecuadorean Strategic Culture (Report available online)

Na’ima B. Robert (Britain)

From Somalia, With Love (Novel) Excerpt available online

Islam Took Me By Surprise (Article available online)

Behind the Veil (Article available online)

Interview (2005) available online

Interview (2008) available online

Interview (2010) available online

Website for the novel From Somalia, With Love

Website of Sisters Magazine

Na’ima B. Robert’s Website

Zadie Smith (Britain)

On Beauty (Novel)

White Teeth (Novel)

Generation Why? (Article available online)

Speaking in Tongues (Article available online)

Interview with Bold Type available online

Interview (2009) on BBC Woman’s Hour available online

Dented History in Zadie Smith’s White Teeth by Supriya Nair (essay available online)

Philippe Wamba (Democratic Republic of Congo/United States)

Kinship: A Family’s Journey in Africa and America (Memoir) Excerpt available online

Interview (1999) available online

Profile in New Black Magazine available online

Profile available online

Tribute available online

Rinaldo Walcott (Canada)

Black Like Who (Black Studies)

Post-Civil Rights Music or Why Hip Hop is Dominant (Essay available online)

Multiculturalism, the Canadian academy and the impossible dream of Black Canadian Studies (Essay available online)

Review of Michael Moore Bowling for Columbine available online

What Rap has to Say: Black Youth, Discourses of Crime and Cosmopolitanism (Video Lecture available online)

Canada: Our Challenges and Our Future: 1970 to present (Audio Lecture available online)

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  1. Angel said, on April 12, 2011 at 5:18 pm

    It’s very exiting to find your blog. Thank you for sharing your talent and wholesome information with us. You are a bright light!

  2. A. Lindhout said, on October 5, 2011 at 1:41 pm

    Hi there, just to inform you that my book The Routes of African Diaspora Life Writing in Germany and the United States of America: A Comparative Analysis will shortly be available. Discussed works include: Obama’s autobiography, Massaquoi’s autobiography, Hartman’s life writing among others.
    Dr. Alexandra Lindhout

  3. Joe Ngatia said, on June 20, 2013 at 5:38 am

    One of the most important crossroad the mankind faces is the need to attain a self-understanding that is true to both heritage (history) and destiny (opportunity). This is particularly essential for the African in Diaspora in lieu of psychological and social distance we are forced to undertake. In my case I was raised in a small village at the foothills of Mt. Kenya but found myself a practitioner of a complex craft in the U.S. I’ve written a biographical novel: Shepherds of the Sun, now available in both Kindle and Nook (author: Joe Ngatia, MD). The book descends to the intimate inner and external worlds of a restless African who seeks the honor of a fulfilled life. I hope to receive your feedback after you read the novel. And keep up the great work. Many thanks,
    Joe Ngatia

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