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All About My Nigerian Father: My Father and his Grand-Nephew Tamara-Emo-Emi

Posted in All About My Nigerian Father by the woyingi blogger on September 4, 2011

My father recently sent me a lovely photo of himself and his grand-nephew Tamara-Emo-Emi, which means God is to be Praised in Ijaw. As I’ve mentioned before, my name in Ijaw is Tamara-Emi, which means God is Great or God Is.

My father and his grand-nephew

My father lives with his nephew and his wife, and now their baby. Tamara-Emo-Emi is such a beautiful child. I get to hear him over the phone sometimes when my father calls and he always sounds so happy. I have to admit that I envy him a bit. He will get a chance to grow up with my father when I did not. But I am very happy for my father because he is surrounded by family and people who love him.


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  1. goodluck legbe said, on September 10, 2011 at 10:42 pm

    Am Goodluck Legbe,i wrote to you sometime in 2010, about your dad who is a member of (IYDA),Ijaw Youth Development Association,where he plays fatherly rolls. Please i need your email,so as to write you the real situation about Nigeria and Arogbo your hometown.for your information AROGBO DAY,a yearly even is coming up between 26th-28yh september 2011. This is my number 08023594802

  2. henry oniyemofe said, on June 3, 2012 at 9:59 pm

    This is the first time I read how u found ur father,am very sad and fel like is God that conet both.u would not have found him,if not I giv him all the glory.pls try 2com and see ur father,he lv u dearly as the only child.I leav wth him at lagos with my wife and son.

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