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Day in the Life: July 1 2011 The Accident of Birth

Posted in Countries: Canada, Day in the Life, The Woyingi Blogger by the woyingi blogger on August 8, 2011

July 1 is Canada Day. the anniversary of the July 1, 1867, enactment of the British North America Act (today called the Constitution Act, 1867), which united three British colonies into a single country, called Canada, within the British Empire. It was originally called Dominion Day until 1982.

This year, it was an extra-special occasion because Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and his new bride Kate Middleton were in Ottawa. Canada used to be a colony of Great Britain and many Canadians still feel nostalgic about the monarchy. Technically, the Queen of England is still our head of state and new citizens still have to pledge their allegiance to the Queen. The Governor General of Canada represents the Queen in Canada and has the final authority on whether or not our parliament can be prorogued.

On CBC Radio, listeners were able to share their thoughts on the Royal Visit. One listener stated that he felt that it made no sense to be in awe of people who were only important because of the accident of birth.

This made me think about how my being born as a Canadian, with all the access to resources and opportunities that this provides, was simply an accident and how unfair it is that other people don’t have access to these resources, through no fault of their own. There is no personal merit involved in being born a Canadian but immigrants and refugees have to earn their right to stay in our country.

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  1. mariam said, on August 15, 2011 at 8:41 pm

    I see that the idea of who owns what land, rights, status, still predominates many people’s thought! True that it is important to discuss, especially since monarchy everywhere else in the world is shunned upon as a non demonocratic form of governance and where there is a push to eradicate it, there you find the most unrest and unpeaceful state of concequences….I just find that ironic that here in Canada we praised the royal familly and treate them as celeberties while in places like Nepal, just to name one among many others, we are so quick to judge that it is of no use! That there methodology of governance is not democratic and so it should be eradicated. Despite the fact that the average political leader in Nepal may not have enough resourses to be able to support an already devastated population. The hypocracy is unbearable.

    Its also interesting to see that immigration continues to be seen as a breed ! ! ! Yes people who come to Canada, very often, almost always, have to work harder than those who are born here but the cause of this problem is not only access. It is also the fact that there is an economic, social and human rights gap between the first world or more industrial countries and the third or fourth world. Do you think one day we will pay a little attention to that and try to reduce such a gap??
    ps.. nice to hear you are doing well chelby! call me sometime!

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